F 1 D 0 -- 02 03 18 at 23 23


I've been avoiding exercise for months now. 

Ok, not avoiding it, but not doing enough.

Ann wants me to live long and prosper, and
to stop putting on weight. 

She's concerned about her own 
health too, as I cook too much,
and it is affecting us both.

By adding me to her faculty (free)
membership, it is economical. Besides,
most of what I do just needs open spaces,
and a committment to use the open spaces.

I work my ass off at the gym, thinking that
I'm only here for ___ hours, and need to use
that time. 

Yesterday's workout was intense for the
first time in ages. I did skipping for 20m,
step for 20m, stretching for 20m, situps,
weight training (legs) and lots of other 
stuff. I came home hurting all over, esp
my legs yesterday.

I did legs again today, but much easier,
more gentler.

I maintain that unless you fatigue a muscle
group, no change happens. And unless you exhaust
a muscle group, it won't grow more tissue.

Exhaustion isn't about going home in an Ambulance.

But when doing an exercise of some sort, you keep
doing the repetitions until you cannot do them
any more. 

I have this formula, which works for me.

I start at ZERO plates, or the lightest setting
on a machine. I do eight reps, then stop.

I adjust it to the next level of hardness (from
zero to one plate). 

I do another eight reps, then stop.

I continue this way until I cannot move the
stack. Or actually, until I feel a distinct
muscle wearing out thing happening (fatigue).

When doing arms or legs on a machine, I do
one arm (or leg) at a time, but "rest" by doing
both together for a couple of reps. 

Yesterday there was a young team of boys. Basket
ball, I think, wanting to use the gym while I was
in a corner. I didn't stop them, but I suppose I
was entertaining to them. They didn't do anything,
just hang out, and watch me, and talk to each other.

Today's teams were girl's volleyball. The first 
group came in just after I claimed my little corner,
near the fire stairs. Like yesterday's team, these
people are happy to just sit around talking, not
doing anything. Coach comes in and says, "You should
be warming up, then stretching." "I'm not cold,"
answer someone.

The other team showed up later. These girls looked
the same, but sounded so very very different. Most
were wearing the school colours, dark blue t-shirt
with white letters, "Lakehead". Also, these girls
didn't talk when the coach was there. They sat on
a gym bench, all but one, as the bench wasn't long
enough. Coach tells these girls to warm up, and 
they all just dig in, running, jumping, everything.
He whispers "listen up", and they make a circle
around him. He tells them he wants them to rotate
through all of the positions on the court. He will
serve, one of them sets, one of them ____s, and one
spikes the ball. These girls were like military, each
taking a turn to each position. They'd just run when
their 3-tier turn was over to capture a few balls, and
return them to the coach. And coach would just count
aloud how many scores the girls did. At 30, he let
them rest. 

And why, you ask, was I watching instead of trying
to play volleyball, or working out? Because I'd already
done a lot, and I was a clump of aching muscles. I
should have just continued walking around this elevated
track (around the gym) quickly, but even that was too
hard. I'd just walk S-l-o-w-l-y, and pay attention 
to how these teams trained.

After I cooled down this way, I went back into
the cardio theatre, where I just used the treadmill
to force me to walk through the aching muscles.

I should have gone for swim. I'm missing it now.

So I went (just now!) onto the eliptical trainer
in the kitchen. Oww. It truly hurt my legs and
ass. But I stayed with it until it didn't hurt
any longer. Just as well.

I want a treat now. I just ate a bunch of mini
carrots. Nope, that's not what I want.

I had a slice of sunflower bread with marmalade.
Nope, that wasn't right.

I finished my coffee. Nope, not that.

Maybe I want some chocolate and almonds.

Exercising hard makes me want a 
treat.  Badly.  I'd like something.

That's all I know.