F 1 D 0 -- 02 04 10 at 14 00

What a week.

I wish I could take a lot of time to
write you, but I'll have to summarize.

I'm at my folk's place, where they're
showing me their new cockatoo. And I
am reaquainting myself with the others
of the flock here. 

They truly love me.

I wanted to make sure Mom was able to
come online to write me. She was having
some trouble with her connection.

It is working now, as you can see.

I just came from Nathan's place, where
I was able to load most, but not all,
of the things I've stored there. I'll
be back again for April 20 weekend. That
is a good thing.

Yesterday I went to see Tom and Cindy, 
who were storing some things for me, 
such as my winter coat, and my leather
jacket. They went to my old home to
gather the old appliances. I'm glad they
got them out.

We got to see Mark, who had also been
holding things he picked out during 
the same visit.

Yesterday was Tuesday, and it was a
chance for English Dance.

Day before was Monday, and I did Irish.

Both were special- I got to dance
with Ann. She's so good at this.

But she is new- so she hurt herself.


I've got my violin from Kevin!  So I'm
able to do music with my own instrument 

Friday-Saturday-Sunday had the spring
thaw weekend. This was all I'd been
hoping it would be.

Christine, who leads English, had a 
portion of the dance. Too bad her
knee is hurt. So she missed the festival,
except for her teaching portion, done
seated. But a dancer forced to sit
through a festival is a sad thing.

I was here for Monday prior, where I
did things for Sanderson Taylor.

It had a happy ending, but it was
very tense for me for a while.

I have to wonder why I do this.

For money I suppose.

That's All I Know.