F 1 D 0 -- 02 04 21 at 03 15


"Christine and Kim have asked me 
to offer some readings in this
celebration of their wedding. They
have affirmed this feeling in private
for themselves for some time already,
but now they make this proclamation
here in front of you.

These are the words of Paul, in the
book of First Corinthians, Chapter 13.

If I speak in the tongues of men 
and angels, but don't have love, 
I have become like a crashing cymbal, 
making a lot of noise.

And if I have spirituality and know 
the future and have sound knowledge, 
and if I have strong faith so I can 
move mountains, but don't have love, 
I am nothing. 

And if I distribute all my goods, and if I 
give even my body too, that I may boast 
but don't have love, I have missed the point.
Because love is long suffering, 
love is kind.

It isn't jealous, and does not boast.

It isn't puffed up with pride. 

It isn't rude.
It isn't selfish.
It isn't irritable.

It doesn't keep score over the bad things 
others do.

It doesn't rejoice over evil, 
but rejoices in the truth. 

Love bears all things, 
believes all things, 
hopes all things, 
endures all things.

Love is always supportive, loyal, 
hopeful, and trusting.
Love never fails.

The gift of Prophecies, 
it will cease.

The miracle of tongues, 
they will cease.

The great spritual knowlege we have, 
it will be superseded. 

For we only know in Part 
and we only prophecy in part. 

But now remains faith, hope, love, 
these three; but the greatest of 
these is love."

 - -

Their wedding today was so ...
So Big. 

Big Church!
Big Reception Centre!


But it was friendly, practical
and welcoming too.

The guests were from all over North
America. It was so nice to meet the
family of the Bride and Groom.

The collection of friends was also
a mighty crowd. Many dancers. About
half of us were local, the other half
were from Michigan. 

Christine's friends were from school, 
when she attended Queen's university, 
in Kingston ON.

Kim's were from Boston area. I met his
dad, who was as overwhelmed as I was by
all of the people here.

This party isn't really over. There is
a brunch tomorrow, where we finally get
to relax with the new couple, and wish
them well with their new title.

They've been a couple for at least a year,
but I think their plan for the future is

There were dance readings as well as scripture
at the ceremony.

"We are all fools, whether we dance or 
not. So let us dance then."

"Let the patterns of our dance be flowing,
not holding on too tight, but letting go,
and watching how we come back and weave
with (others)"

It was a lovely thing today.

That's all I know.