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Ever wondered about how we know what
we do? Maybe you've not thought about
it. I wonder about Salmon who can find
their way back to their birthplace. I
wonder about Alligators and Sharks who 
don't seem to need extra training to eat
and breed, but Simians who do.

I was watching a science program on the
television, and it showed this huge sea
tortoise digging a hole with its hind legs.
It had trouble since some of one leg had
been eaten off by a shark or something.
But it knew enough to bury the eggs. It
has this super duper hard time with walking
on sand. The heat of day is a problem, and
they're just not good out of water.

Anyway, it seems to me that DNA doesn't 
just encode proteins as enzymes, but encodes
memories somehow.

This isn't a problem when we talk about
birds migrating, or about lizards finding

But people don't like to imagine that they
can actually be born with memories.

Think of all of the folks who talk about
a previous life. Not everyone remembers
living hundreds of years ago, but some
people do. And think of all of the dreams
you've had which don't make any sense at
all to you.

I figure we have mountains and mountains of
DNA which looks unused. And perhaps it isn't
used. But what if some of it decodes to memories?

It isn't something people rely on. Quite the 
contrary. Most folks are worried when they
hear something strange. Demons. Faeries. Angels.
God himself. Messages from another place. Like

What sort of memories might we be passing on
to our progeny? And what do you suppose we have
inherited? If memories are linked to our species,
it is reasonable to assume that such ideas passed
or received could be many generations old.

In fact, I'm wondering if the memories are even
real ones. Maybe we just pass on dreams, fancies
or wishes. Some things that never really happened
in the first place, but got encoded.

I'm just thinking aloud with you. 

That's all I know.