F 1 D 0 -- 02 06 14 at 1730

London, England.

It's big. It is the centre 
of the earth. Perhaps the universe.

It knows it too.

Everyone who has money in their
pocket should find time to see
London at least ONCE. If you like
urban places, and can make a living
anywhere, live here for a year or
two. It will take that long to figure
out how to get around.

I'm hoping to dance at Cecil Sharp
House tonight. The dance is called
Friday Feet, and I don't know if it
is an event I even want to attend.
We'll see.

If you need internet, go to Edgware,
and visit the place on Station Street.

The computers here are not restricted.
They have a timer program, but are otherwise
untethered, and let me do F1D0 posting, and
use a Secure Shell program. Okay, the keyboards
could use some help, but still, they're alright.

The computers are Dell systems, which look
a lot like the Compaq all-in-one computers.

They are fast, and that's ok with me.
They're on a good network, and that's
ok too.

50p gets you an hour here. But there is
some kind of rule for HOW. So in practice
it actually gets you HALF an hour. FINE.

I've only got 7 minutes to entertain you.
I'll try.

Cecil sharp house is supposed to be near
the zoo, and that will help me find it.
Also, it is marked on my map of london,
so with any luck, I'll get there easily.

There are lots of chain stores in London,
so I'm seeing the same places over and 
over when I surface from the tube.

But I'm also seeing individual places, so
the texture of the universe is not all McDonalds,
Burger King, and Gap. There is more to living.

Have you heard of Tennesee Fried Chicken? Me
neither. But it is here.

What else can I tell you? I really have to
listen when talking to people, as the accents
here vary with region of birth. 

If you like Indian food, eat here.
If you like coffee, they have Starbucks
near most Tube stations.

If you hate crowds, don't do London.
If you hate crime, don't read london
signage, as someone somewhere was hurt
in the last day or two, and they want

If you dislike charity mongers, just
keep walking. they're paying young people
to do the "Hello, do you have a minute?"
routine. Everywhere here.

That's not all I know.