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Guar Gum and Xanthan Gum.

I picked up some of each of these
just before my trip. They were on
sale at the Bulk Barn nearby, and
something inside me said, "I've just
GOT to get me some of these!"

So I did.

They're both plain white powders.
They're both in the foods granny
used to make, if your grand mother
was Betty Crocker. Or if she was
related to an old military guy,
General Foods.

Guar Gum is a very good emulsifier, and
has a zillion good qualities. It was discovered
when Locust Bean Gum became hard to get, in the

Guar is a nutritious bean which grows in
arid places, like the hot parts of India.

Guar is best in bread. Add a small teaspoon to
2 cups of flour. It absorbs 9 times its volume
in fluid. It adds yield to dough, so it works
with extra liquid.

I thought Xanthan Gum was the same, but when
I used that, the bread didn't rise, but it
was still a good loaf.

My recipe for bread recently is 

2c flour
1c wetstuff
1c drystuff
2ts yeast
1ts gum
1ts salt

1 egg
1 oz corn syrup
(one of the ts of yeast, above)
3 ts butter
milk as needed
warm it with your hands, trying to feed 
the yeast. But the eggs are too cold, so
just mix it in when the time comes.

flax seeds
oat bran
roasted sunflower seeds

Procedure. To the baking container on bread machine...

add 1 ts yeast
add 2 c flour
add salt
Press Start (raisin bread).

It mixes the flour. Add the cup of Drystuff.
It mixes that too, kind of. Help it do it
right, with a wooden spoon handle.

Add the Wetstuff. 

Is it making a dry mixture? Add something wet.
Sometimes I use extra milk, other times extra
oil or butter.

This time? I made the mixture *very* wet. I 
must have added just less than an extra cup
of milk. But the Guar Gum just dealt with it,
and after some kneading cycle, I found this
beautiful shaped dough ball. 

After 2h in the machine, I had a peek. I should
not have as it feel after that. But it rose nicely.

When I did the same bread with Xanthan Gum, it
didn't rise much at all.

Xanthan Gum seems to be a mixing agent. It is used
in domestic mixes so that the stuff combines easily.
It doesn't assist the baking, except to bind oil
with water. It is synergistic with Guar Gum, says
the literature. So if you use both, you get extra

Guar Gum has weight and cholesterol reducing properties.
It worked, and seemed to be an anti cancer agent as well.

The FDA took it off the market because it also has
gum qualities: a number of people have choked on it,
and a few died.  Mixing it properly should not be
left to chance. This stuff binds to liquid, and if
you don't give it enough, it will bind into a tuff
goo in your throat. So never ever just taste some
dry off the spoon.

I was surprised when I read the abstracts about
the mice: the researchers were expecting that
this evil additive caused cancer, and then after
the test, they found the test group had less than
the control group.

No surprise for me though. This stuff is gummy,
but is also from a nutritious bean thing, and
so it has properties of fibre, and it is hydro
phyllic. Just like Metamucil or Psyllium.

Cooking is in my future. There is an eggplant,
about 10 tomatoes, about 10 lbs of mushrooms,
and a handful of potatoes looking to me for
advice. Also some marinated blade roast.

I'm melting. My home workout is very improved.
I'm up to 30 minutes without a rest on the
eliptical walking machine. Then I do light
(8 lb) weights for arms shoulders and more.
I should be doing sit ups and pushups, but
I'm here writing to you. It is 4pm.

I was thinking that your email was broken, since
I was getting messages suggesting your time is
three hours earlier than mine. Then I wondered
whether the problem was on Bryan's end. Well,
he wrote me back and suggested that my own time
zone was wrong. I called up the control panel,
and sure enough, my time zone was set for the
Pacific Region. 

Eudora has this thing it does: it alters the
message I receive so it shows up in my own
local time. So I receive a note for 8am, but
you sent it at 11am. I guess if I did lots of
email with people in other continents it would
make sense for the mail client to sort this all
out for me.

I'm having a shower.

I've been to bed and woken up, and made
for breakfast eggs, sweet pepper sauce,
and fried potatoes. For some reason, I
didn't actually get to have them myself.
But I'll have some soon.

I've since gone shopping, and picked up
a pork leg roast at 85c lb. I am still 
wondering whether I should buy a smaller
roast, without the hock, at 99c lb, or
the big one, with more skin on it, for 85.
This one cost 6.90 altogether. They had
none last night, and I thought it was all
finished. I cut the roast into three
parts, and will freeze the two boneless
sections. I've pressure cooked the bony
one, and will see how it comes out.

When I should have also been doing late 
afternoon exercises, I took to making 
another experimental bread. I did the
xanthan gum thing, and found the bread
didn't rise but had wonderful taste and
texture. I did the guar gum, and it too
had appeal, and also rose a lot!

Today I used a teaspoon of each of them.

Wow, does that make the mixture stiff! I
had to keep adding liquid. I think it was
finally the right consistency after 2.5 c
of wetstuff. That is compared to only 1c
that I use normally. I hope it rises, but
not to overflowing the container.

Ok, I'm going to exercise and then have
another shower, and then see what else
I can get into here. 

That's all I know.