F 1 D 0 -- 02 07 15 at 00 01

Merla Mae.

That's a funny name, but that's the name of
the local Ice Cream and Hamburger place next
to us here.

One thing that's curious: they're only open
during the summer school vacation time. I was
thinking that this had to do with customers, but
it may have more to do with cheap child labour.

I had a Merla Burger. Ann had a cheese burger.
What makes mine Merla? The addition of Secret

But what is this secret sauce? I think it is a
watered down well cooked chili. The same stuff
for making chili dogs. It certainly cannot be
the white mayo they used.

The fries were perfect, but what sets this
diner apart was their ice cream.

Yes, we have another home made ice cream company.

They have a parking lot which supports easily
16 cars, and not so easily maybe 22. And there
is no inside seating. In spite of this, there
are line ups to order your stuff.

Ann is fond of the soft ice cream they pump. 

Did you know that you can purchase Ice Cream Mix
at the local stores here? They sell it in 2-litre
cartons, ready to pour into the machine. And they're
often on sale, when they're close to stale dated.

How cheap? Normally 2.49, they sell them for 49c 
a few days before stale.

In spite of the way its made, sometimes you cannot
improve on a good thing. Vanilla, dipped in chocolate
was very popular tonight.

I chose to ask the women behind the counter
what I should get. The girl on the ice cream
pump said, "Double Scoop Oreo! Double Scoop 
Oreo!!"  I went half way, and chose one scoop
Oreo, one scoop Maple Walnut, as I like having
pieces of nut in my ice cream, if possible.

There is something really nice about
fresh home made ice cream.

There was a place in Massachusetts called
JPLicks. The JP was probably for Jamaica
Plain, where they first opened up. I've
not found anyone close to that quality as
yet, but Next Stop, Ice Cream is close.
Merla Mae's was good, but if this is a
contest, personal opinion really counts.

This Just In. While I was trying to compose
this, Cindy has come online. She finally
got her computer working at home, and this
is a good thing. She's been living with her
mom and brother, which has NOT been a good
thing. It has caused much strain, as mom and
brother are yellers, and Cin is a quiet girl.

Her new place is getting all renovated and nice,
and this takes some time. The people living there
didn't move out in a timely way, but seem to be
gone now. I'll find out more and keep you fully

Oh! She asked me not to tell you about _____ at
the _____ place. That's where ____ happened. Wow.
It was so _______. Makes you kinda _______, doesn't
it? I've always worried about stuff like that too.
What would _______ do?

Oh!  I've not seen too much of this, but saw one.
A licence plate "WWJD". What Would Judas Do?

I have more to write, but it's bed time. In fact,
it is 342am time. More later. Like after I wake

Ok. It is now 1126am, and I have coffee in hand,
and have done my metamucil too. Yay.

The problem with AIM is how hard it is to say,
"not now please." Yes, I'm glad Syn could find
me this morning, but I wanted to write, before
I lost the theme and tempo.

I need a setting which says, "short messages only.
Available for chat after dark."

Or something. Where was I?

Yesterday was nice, and I'm glad I used it fully.
Today is hot and humid, and I'm wondering to what
extent I'll be able to utilize it.

I heard some music on CBC recently. It was the
music used on the movie Awakenings, with Robin
Williams. I want it on MP3 now. CBC uses it 
as theme music.

Ok, about an hour has gone by, and nobody is
sharing anything with the words "awakenings"
in the title. Sigh.

I've got the video of course, but I was just
eager to hear it.

I'm going to exercise today. I didn't get a
very good class yesterday. When the aerobics
teacher has no clue about timing, you don't
get synchronized to the music. This is bad.

I maxxed out. It should be SUPER easy to
stay with music during weight training. Nope.
Arm exercises which could have been done to
the beat of the music were done entirely 
ignoring the music. Feh. "Ten More Like

I should apply to lead some classes. It is clear
to me I could do well at it. 

What else for today? I want to take some time
to visit a sander, as I want to convert some
bingo chips to home made tantrix chips. It
should be straight forward. I'll bring a 
few elastic bands, and just make them six
sided. I'd better make a template, huh?

They're exactly 1.5 inches across. So I'll
use Corel to make something up, and print it.

It isn't hot inside the house yet, according
to sweating. But I feel sticky. I'm entirely
without clothes, just so I don't get any 
hotter.  We'll begin our travelling today in
the next half hour, so I'd better dress, huh?

Let me see. I'll probably do the recycling today.
Waaaay too many plastic bottles have accumulated.

Waiting for pickup is a curious thing. When you
do it that way, I think you get evaluated. They
don't notice you've not put out recycle previously,
but will notice that you have six crates this time
around. And I expect they'd just pass it by.

I remember when living in Toronto, on a street
where Condominia where being built, we often
lost regular garbage and recycle pickup. Not just
a single day, but they'd not come for weeks.
And Toronto isn't Thunder Bay: there is not a 
place to go where you can deliver your own
waste for further handling. At least, I didn't
know about where. Actually, in retrospect, that's
a lie. When I was in Scarborough, I was only a
mile from the garbage place. But I didn't know
about it until I moved there.

So now? It is easier for me to take all of the
plastic bottles en masse and file them according
to their composition rather than leave them outside
on a certain Thursday Morning.

That's all I know.