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Tonight's Curry.

You wanted to know how I made tonight's
curry. Well, we'll have to adjust a bit
so you can have the same instant stuff.

Recipe for Curry Sauce Powder

4 tb starch, say corn starch
4 tb curry powder, whatever you have
1 ts salt

In an appropriate bowl, mix the above
powders so that you can use a teaspoon
of this at a time as you need it in the

The notebook will be to remember whether
the taste was correct. If INcorrect, you
will be able to adjust next time, by adding
a spoon more curry, or a spoon more starch.

Note that supermarket curry powder may vary
between store chains. Note the brand you use
in the notebook, reminding yourself whether
you wish to ever get this brand again, etc.

 - -

Tonight's Curry

Want meat in this? 
 fry 2 lbs of well trimmed meat, perhaps in the pot to get the curry

2 large potatoes
 nuke them individually in a twisted plastic shopping bag, 4 mins each

1 quart water
 start it boiling on HIGH right away

1 ts salt
1 onion
3 large carrots
 cut into wide coins (half inch, 3/4 inch)
 cut potatoes as done into long quarters, then into 3/4inch slices
 add them to water too

half glass (or jar) of COLD water
4 ts rounded Curry Sauce Powder (I used Ottogi Brand)
 shake until well mixed into a yellow milk
 pour into boiling veg pot
 reduce heat so boiling continues

3 handfuls dried currants or raisins
12 dried dates
 sliced to ensure there are no pits, or pieces of pits

Taste for Asian qualities. (enough curry powder?)
 add 1 ts Curry Powder 
 or add 1 ts of Curry Sauce Powder to COLD water, shake, add to boiling
Taste for Brown Spice qualities. (want it to taste authentic?)
 add 1 ts Garam Masala (principle spice Cinnamon)
Taste for Fiery Spiciness. (want it to be hotter?)
 add 1 oz of favourite hot sauce, 
 or add 1 tb of Tabasco
Taste for richness. (This has no fat yet. Does it need some?)
 add 2 oz coconut milk
 or add 1 oz solid coconut cream, cut to bits
 or add 2 oz solid butter, cut to bits
Taste for Consistency. (want it to be thicker, less runny?)
 add 2 ts rice or potato flakes
Taste for Salt. ( ?)
 add some.
Taste for Onion. (need more onion?)
 slice another one in.
Taste for Doneness. (need more boiling?)
 let it boil hard another 10 minutes.
Go through taste tests above (stir!) once more.

Reduce heat to a Hot Simmer (LOW).

Let it continue a very slow boil for 20-30 minutes.

Slice two cloves of garlic thinly. Add them to pot.
Taste for Garlic. (need more?)
 dust the top of it with granulated garlic powder.

Turn heat off.
Announce Curry ready in 15 minutes.
Leave pot covered 15 minutes so garlic cooks just a little.

Warn dining guests that the Curry sauce will
be scalding, to use caution.

I served it with wedges of steamed rice
 one day early
 prepare 1c dry rice as always
 permit it to form a nice solid cake
 curry day
 cut cake into four (or as many as needed) equal wedges
 dunk it cold into hot curry

I also served it with barbecued zucchini.

That's all I know.