F 1 D 0 -- 02 07 27 at 03 30

The Mason's Apron.

X: 1
T: the Mason's Apron
O: Trad
N: In most old collections.
R: reel
M: C|
L: 1/8
Z: 1996 by John Chambers 
K: A
| "A"c2A2 ABAF | EFAB dcBA | "Bm"d2B2 BcBA |
| Bcde "E7"gfed | "A"c2A2 ABAF |
| "A"EFAB dcBA | "D"Bcde fefa | "E7"edcB "A"A2  ed :|
|: "A"cAeA fAeA | cAeA fedc | "Bm"dBfB gBfB | 
| dBfB "E7"gfed | "A"cAeA fAeA | 
| cAeA fedc | "D"Bcde fefa | "E7"edcB "A"A2 ed :|

For PCs.

To play this music, get ABCMUS.
It also helps you organize and edit.
Excellent first choice.

To print this music, without guitar tablature,
get ABC2WIN. Not as good for editing, but it
prints so well.

To print this music with guitar tablature...
- install Ghostscript first
-- needed for postscript interpretation
- install Ghostview next
-- needed to print the results 
- install ABCTAB2PS next
-- converts a dialect of ABC into postscript
- install M2G
-- converts a standard ABC melody into ABCTAB

Procedure for making this sample:
Copy MASON.ABC to MASON2.ABC as a precaution.
Put it into the ABCTAB folder.
Computer processes file, and then 
Computer processes THAT file, and reports
Output is in MASON2.PS
Fire up Ghostview. 
FileOpen MASON2.PS
See the beautiful music.
FileConvert to JPEG 100 dots per inch, variable page size
and save to MASON2.JPG

For MACs.

Similar utilities are needed for the MAC, and
they exist. But I've not experimented with them.

Need the binaries? Email me.

That's all I know.