F 1 D 0 -- 02 08 06 at 01 55

To The Canadian West.

Wow, things are happening fast.

We are getting close to our road trip: Thunder 
Bay ON to Edmonton AB. We'll be passing through
the towns along the way. I'm excited.

We'll be away then, right? Of course.
If I'm away, I can't spend a lot of time
thinking about this:

I found out that I qualify to take courses 
at the university. So now I'm thinking
I want to register for something before all of
the good classes are filled up with registrants.

I have Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Friday
I'm sure I'll be only worried about what I'm 
taking with us.

I've been trying to learn guitar. To that end,
I'm playing the only song I know, Indian Point,
Tuesday night. Wish me luck. I think I should
really practice for a lot longer, but I'll be
away! So it is now, or in the fall. I'll do
it now, so I can properly embarrass myself in
front of people I don't know well.

I've converted the song to guitar tablature.

Hey: Am I a dinosaur because I don't have a web cam
connected to my computer? It isn't just one of you.
Every time I turn around, someone else I know is
getting one. Jeez.

At first, I just wanted to post the music online
so that I could tell the Tuesday crowd where they
could download it, but this way, I've written a
bit of blather too. 

Today didn't have a lot of cooking. I steamed some
broccoli, and made soup. Had sliced cheese. See? Not
much of a cooking day. Tomorrow will have more action.
I've got a bag of these Italian Eggplant to make. They'll
be good with the zucchini. Sliced the long way and barbecued.

On Sunday we went to the Lunch Bunch Fishing Trip.
Uh, nobody fishes at this. Well, not really.

It was a great get together. Most of them went 
camping at the Cedar Shores Resort, but we just
came up for Sunday afternoon and evening. 

The mosquitoes at this event were trained. You open
the door, and fifty come inside instantly. They reduce
the sound of their wings during attack. And most notably,
they seem to like the taste of Deet. I guess it is like
a gourmet sauce on my skin. "Bitter on the outside, but
it grows on you once you suck deeply."

One of the campers was David, a criminal lawyer. He's
also an expert chef, and prepared this wonderful salad
of baby spinach and barbecued onion. Each onion was cut
to six, and marinated in a light vinaigrette of mustard
grain and six other secret herbs and spices.  No, not
secret, but he didn't remember exactly what he threw into
the pot. The onions looked like soldiers when they were
all being grilled this way. And he made mountains of 
flank steak.

Many of the attendees are vegetarian. So there was
a lasagne, a chili, and a few other heavy entrees
that were for the benefit of the non meat people.

The ride was about three hours each way from here.

One of the high points for me was the view of the
stars. I stopped at the lakeside picnic area. I'm
sure I saw a fox there. Just a bolt of red fur in
front of me as I pulled into the parking. But after
I turned off the engine and the lights, it was such
a pleasure to see so many celestial lights outside.
Ann liked the sound of the silence, how it seemed
to press against us.

There's more to tell, and yet, I'm eager to post
this. You may not hear too much from me while I'm
away. But I'll try.

That's all I know.