F 1 D 0 -- 02 08 14 at 15 07 Mountain Time

Not Winnipeg.

You heard it from me first. Avoid going
to Winnipeg Manitoba.

I found it dangerous. We lost our passenger
window there. At 830pm Sunday night, two people
were seen running from the vehicle. The police
were good. They were caught, but since they had
not succeeded in stealing the radio, and did
not take anything else, the police could not 
charge them for running away, as they didn't
see them breaking in.

We were not at the truck at the time. We found
this out perhaps an hour later, when we got
to the parking spot. We had decided on staying
at the Holiday Inn, which was a very short walk
from the Winnipeg Art Gallery. 

The truck was parked there because it looked
so dangerous with street people on the main
streets, like Portage Avenue.  Of course, 
when we mentioned this to others, they said
we should have parked on the main street, as
nobody would have the courage to break in like
that on a crowded street full of pedestrians.

The Holiday Inn was Okay, all things considered.
It had a nice small pool, and a fitness room.

We don't ask much from our rooms, really. They
should have suitable beds which don't cause
back ache, and be large enough. We choose one
king or two (anything). 

We've been stopping at towns along the way.

Towns in Manitoba are very friendly. And the
scenery in that province is nothing like that
in Ontario. NOTHING.

Ontario has many turns, lots of exposed rocks
of the Canadian Shield. Manitoba has a flat
look. It changes from farms to treed bits, but
the difference is a nice surprise.

They handle the streets and roads in a 
different way than Ontario. The roads
are generally wider, and intersect at 
right angles across the highway. For me,
slowing to a near-stop for a left turn
is a biig surprise. Also, merging onto
a 100kmh road is a big deal as well.

I'm thinking it saves a lot of cash, all
around. No complicated ramps or lights
to contend with.

Manitoba and Saskatchewan have lots of
signs with a big question mark on them.

Each place is different. In Churchbridge
Manitoba, you see this very small shack
of a building. Inside are three young
women running it. That's a lot of people!

But they use it as a day camp for the 
kids in town too. After a brief chat,
they were delighted to have the extra

** Dave ** correct spelling of towns ** Dave **

At the previous town of Lingonberg Manitoba,
we found a big information building. This 
one was run by one very very bored young lady.
Long before you get in the doorway, she asks
"can I help you with anything?!" (her eyes beg 
this silent "pleease?!?")

Alas, we didn't come in with questions for
her. We came to use the always perfect bathrooms.

We almost missed a chance to eat at a nice
town outside of Saskatoon. Catbert Sask.

This was a very dusty stop. The parking lots
are all just open, and so even going slowly
raises a cloud.


Out of time.  More soon.

That's all I know. NOT.