F 1 D 0 -- 02 08 15 at 11 00 Mountin Time

Arrived in Edmonton.

> oops! Out of time.  More soon.

I was writing before at the Air Source
Cantel AT&T cellular store. They all have
some kind of internet station so that 
prospective customers can see the ease
of broadband internet.

But they really like such demonstrations
to last say five or ten minutes. I was on
their computer for just over half an hour
before the guy said I'd have to save my
work and wind up.

We've arrived at Jason and Linda's in Edmonton.
They're across the street from a huge indoor
garden. Imagine pyramids. Three of them.
Now make them out of greenhouse glass.

I hear there is a cafe in there too. I'll
tell you more when I know it.

We replaced the passenger's window, finally.

Such things cost 182.00 and take about an
hour for them to do. They were busy and
didn't start until after lunch, about 3h
after we brought it in, but it has happened.

Can joy be found in autoglass? Yes. To experience
this, just have a plastic bag there instead for a
while. Replace the plastic bag with clear vinyl.

Being able to see and hear inside the vehicle
brings joy.

We crossed from Saskatchewan to Alberta at the
border town of Lloydminster. Maybe it is a city.
Lots of big city stores. It was very chilly there.

And after that we experienced highway travel
in Alberta. I only have nice things to say
about this road. The speed limit is 110kmh, which
is like 85mph. And the road can tolerate even
faster speeds, which everyone does. 

I took the highway slower. It was my first
time, and the rain made me insecure about going
fast. Whenever it cleared, it was amazing. Wide.
Banked curves. Good visibility. 

I don't have anything to report as yet
but wanted to talk to you. I've heard
that I'm giving you misinformation on
onions, so I'll have to talk about that
some other time.

It's time to visit Edmonton.

That's all I know.