F 1 D 0 -- 02 09 18 at 23 15

S+T goes sour.

You've all been listening to me say I've
done things for S+T. Well, you've heard it
here: they're making excuses instead of

Sad, really.

I really liked Paul Sanderson. He told
me that their firm spent three thousand
dollars when they got DSL to get connected.

I thought that was so curious. Why?

Well, I suggested they get an internet
router which included 4 wired and sixteen
wireless remotes.

Easy Easy Easy.

Plug it in.
Plug the cable modem in one side.
Plug each wired station in the other side.
Plug the radio internet into each
un-wired station.

These Internet Routers are entirely 
self configuring, but can be manually
made more complex. You can add encryption,
passwords, special routing, forbidden sites,

I left it alone, so all that was really
needed when things went wrong was to give
the router a long reset, and it would just
connect. What could be better?

Well, their new tech wouldn't call me.
Or maybe they just decided he shouldn't
talk to me, lest I remind the new guy that
this firm takes a long time to pay.

I was wrong. In my case they take a long
time, then have a heated chat, suggesting
after five months that the work was 
unsatisfactory. That they have the means
to launch a counter claim.

To their credit I'll say this: these people
work very very hard for their customers. If
you are a musician who needs representation,
a contract, or are about to start a serious
career in Canada or USA, nobody else knows
the law as well as this team. They wrote
the book on it.

But if you are looking to provide a service
or a product to this firm, I suggest Cash
With Order. 

This was a time when getting 800.00 from 
Sanderson Taylor would have been a godsend.
I would have taken 400.00, and absorbed my
rescue time for Paul Irvine's computer, another
250.00 - 

Friends and family (like my folks) have suggested
that I only work on a cash in advance basis. Hell!,
this firm only works that way.  I'm surprised that
I wasn't able to do that for myself.

They did write a cheque for their hardware,
thinking that they were buying some of my time
in advance. So the only losses for me was the
travel and living expenses. But that was a major
reason for that trip, as I recall.

Other news.

Cindy got a squirrel from Golan. It fell from
a tree, and now there is a pristine new cage
in their living room with the little furry
rehabilitating. More news as I get it. I don't
have a name for it yet.

I fell from my bicycle today. I thought I
was getting a bee sting in the eye. That made
me lose my judgement and balance. I tried to
brush it off! It brushed. And it returned!!

But when I fell, I saw that it was a pretty
but oversized spotted ladybug.  I landed well.
I caught a lot of weight on my right hand, and
rolled onto the curb. But I'm not as young as
I'd like. My right leg, the outside quadriceps,
it has become so firm, so hard. So sore! 

The worst symptom is when I'm sitting down. When
I'm an inch from the chair or sofa, I'll fall the
last way. So far there is no strength in that 


I don't expect it to be as busy. That will
be a good thing.


Maybe I'll get together with someone for lunch.


I was in a sandwich mood, making peanut butter
and jam for morning, and sliced meat, pickle, and
sliced cheese sandwiches for lunch. I'm working
with frozen bread. That's such a good thing! It
defrosts during the day, providing perfect food
when I finally get around to it.

That's all I know.