F 1 D 0 -- 02 09 28 at 15 35

Things I notice.

I've been noticing some things.
I suppose what makes them special
is that they surprise me in a nice

Dogs, in dog parks. My experience
was that they pull and growl and rip
each other to pieces. The truth? Once
freed from their leash, they run HARD.
They play HARD. A husky will chase a 
greyhound. When she catches it, she
runs away, until the greyhound catches
her.  Or someone brings a toy for their
long haired labrador.  Both the lab and
the husky watch the toy, hoping to make
some kind of mind connection. The lab
doesn't let any other dogs TOUCH its
toy. But once thrown, the two dogs
charge for the toy as if their life
depended on the catch. Only the lab
is successful, but the two just keep
up this way until it is time for one
of them to go home.

Sunshine. It has brought out only
the very best in everyone. Funny 
how a just a fall day with good
weather can do everyone so much good.

Dollar Stores. Do you think they're
all the same? I was on a hunt today
for a few items. A new pocket diary,
so I could record the appointments
I have here. I only wanted to spend
a dollar, and wanted it to be "perpetual",
or more correctly, "undated". I wanted
something that worked like head and
shoulders, but cost like dollarstore. 
I went into perhaps seven places today.
Only one had what I wanted. My friend
Jeff suggests that Dollarama is different
from all of the rest: it imports its
own goodies, puts the rest to shame with
what a dollar buys.

Other thoughts.

I've seen Starship Troupers. Finally. 
Verhoefen has a way with news and internet.
If you recall, he did Total Recall and Robocop.
Television and media play an important role
in these films too. What would the world be
like if the whole place was run by happy
National Socialists? All in grey shirts, 
all eager to become not only civilians, but
Full Citizens? I have to wonder about all
of the fresh faced kids in that film who
are strong, smart and cute. And become 
hamburger in living colour as the enemy
insects slice and dice the kids before
your eyes. 

I want to see The Road to Perdition. Have
you seen it? Tell me about it. I'll still
see it, after you spoil it for me.

Digital Cameras. They are not created
equal. I'm borrowing a Fuji FinePix A101
from my folks. I'm glad to use it. It
isn't intuitive. Different from the HP315
that I have experience with, you can control
the EV, the flash, and more. It has a 
manual and an automatic setting which 
I've figured out yet. This is funny because
I complain that I cannot turn off the auto
magic features of the HP315, especially 
when I'm taking a stream of shots as the
truck is moving. I know, I know. I'm just
too hard to please. Once I got the settings
correct, I was pleased to get pictures in 

Warm Bagels with Fresh Butter. I'm thinking
I want some. This shouldn't be such a hard
thing, should it?  Maybe with coffee. In the
morning time. 

Ferrets. Let me dispel any rumours about them.
They love their owners. They run, they play.
They love cats, the cats love them back. 
They love dogs, the dogs love them back.
They look like a weasel and a rat, in the
same animal. They have a wonderful sense
of humour, offset by a very bad sense of
heights and balance. They seem to fall a lot.
They'll attack the dog, growling and jumping
at it. The dog runs. The dog turns, jumping
and growling and ferrets. They run. The dog
turns around. Nip! Yeiit! The dog chases the
ferret. What isn't being well conveyed is the
facial emotions I'm seeing. This is fun. Nobody
is getting hurt, and all participants keep running
and jumping. Perhaps you have to be there.

That's all I know.