F 1 D 0 -- 02 10 02 at 11 50

Good work bad work.

I get a good feeling when
I do the right thing. My
customer had been getting
professionally hit on by 
another technical guy. He
wanted 100.00 an hour for
most jobs, and 85.00 for
advice giving (such as for
picking a new computer).

It's not just that I charge
50.00 an hour, but a feeling
that I try to convey- that
the whole process will be a
fair one.

The job was straight forward
enough for me: back up the
important files, and then install
windows 98 where it had windows
95 before. 

I worked together with the customer,
so it feels like teamwork, really.
We go through the My Documents folder,
and make compressed ZIP files for
saving onto Samurai. Oh! I've got to
erase all of them soon. 

Well, we should have also saved all
of the email and bookmarks from netscape.
There was about five years of stuff
saved there.

We discovered the problem during the
ghosting. You see, we tried to do this
by updating. That's how I prefer to do
it. I create a directory \win98, and put
all of the installation files there. Then
we tell it to install. 

Each time I tried this it failed. We had
an installation key (a 25 character number
used during installation; proof of purchase).
That didn't work. I had some as well, as I
keep the keys from the jobs I do for Just
In Case. Still it didn't accept any of them.

So I went a different way: I have a copy
of windows 98 partially installed on a 
computer, then burnt onto a CD. This is
very quick to use.  In about five minutes
the CD image has been copied to the hard
drive, and it doesn't remember anything it
had on it prior to that. 

It was during THIS ghosting that we realized
we hadn't saved Netscape information.

I love speeding up people's computers by
doing work, but even a small mistake like
this one has long term repercussions. I can
try to make myself feel better by thinking
that most of it was unrequired anyway. 

Well, that wasn't my decision to make. And
I felt yucky for so long. 

Her computer is so fast now. The tech I 
mentioned earlier wanted her to replace
her older Pentium 266 MMX with something
current. She will, when she's ready, and
has a desire to spend 1000.00 on new toys
like that. 

For now, her machine is acting brand new.
It is fast and wonderful, just like a real
new computer. 

Other news.

My folks went to the airport last night to
get my Auntie Pearl and Uncle Davie. Just
outside the airport the car began to misfire
and stalled on the side of the road. They
waited for ages for something to pass to help
them boost the car, but it wasn't that kind
of a problem. Eventually, they needed a tow.

But the airport is far from where my folks
live. The truck wanted 160.00 for that 
distance, but settled for 120.00. 

As it happens, the tow truck needed gas, and
it required 120.00 in diesel fuel. 

Part of the timing of Pearl and Davie coming
to Toronto had to do with a wedding. 

My mom's sister is Celia, and she's married
to Carl. They have Lawry, Michael and Felice
as children, my cousins. Lawry's daughter is
getting married soon.

Well, I don't have the details, but Lawry
had a bad heart attack last night, and Carl
is with him.

Mom phoned me with this information, and is
worried that I should lose some weight right
away.  Maybe she's right.

That's all I know.