F 1 D 0 -- 02 10 05 at 11 15


I'm at John and Susan's home. Part of the deal
when going to a large dance weekend out
of your own town is the billeting.

I love this. It is more than my thrifty
side. I really like the interraction and
getting to know the host/hostess.

Their home is lovely. A large place on
the edge of town. Brantford.

It has been raining here, but that doesn't
keep the birds from holding a convention
here in the back yard. 

I'm watching the Goldfinches. They seem to
know that the food they get isn't just an
accident. I cannot answer for the sparrows,
but they're here too.

I spent a long time just looking out the
back door here, watching the birds in the
rain. I can't really say why it appealed to
me so very much, but I was happiest just standing
there, watching them fly back and forth. They
seemed to be going betweeen two different trees
for no reason in particular. That was fine with

When I lived on Byng Avenue, I remember how
the birds and squirrels loved my home. When
I was in the bad straits on Victoria Park Avenue,
that attracted the birds as well. 

It seems to me that one of the joys of having
trees and bushy flowers growing wild is how many
birds come by.

My hostess here was telling me that they get
lots of hummingbirds in the butterfly flowers.
I've never seen them before. They are purple
little bushy things. 

Hey, I'll take a few pictures. I'm still
holding onto my folk's digital camera. I
may as well take some shots to remember.

That's all I know.