F 1 D 0 - 2002 11 20 at 0100

Thought I was seeing things.

So, there I was, looking into the sky.
It looked wrong to me from the start.

It was around midnight, and the sky was
a dark blue, not a black, not anything

Stars abounded. The moon was full. Everything
was bright.

Too bright, actually. There was glare from
the lights on the street, including our very
own motion sensing driveway light.

But you look out to the sky anyway, or at
least I did. I saw stars.

Then I saw something. It couldn't have
been anything, really, as it was gone 
before I could make a sound.

A white streak almost connecting a pair
of stars.

Ah, it happened again, and again. And again.

Tonight is Meteor Shower night. Some kind
of event, as there are shards of ice coming
in off of a comet, and as they crash into our
little planet, we see streaks. 

I'm lucky. I'm in Ontario's north, and this
was supposed to be clearly visible in the
San Diego area. A far cry from where I live.

I am getting better at fiddle and guitar.
Still not good at it, but I can follow a
few chords now, and can take a turn when
we follow the aural traditional of melodies.
A leader teaches a song, we each take a turn
to attempt to play it. It feels like an oral
tradition, where we pass stories from one
generation to the next by sitting, listening,
and trying to retell the stories ourselves.

I used to attend a storytelling weekly session
when I was in Toronto. It wasn't my favourite
thing, as notes were verbotten. I brought notes,
as my story was long. Sigh. I'm supposed to memorize
it and do my best without help. 

Oh well, so much for oral traditions.

I only went now and then because of such 
experiences. They meet at St George the Martyr
church every friday night, all year long.

Also on fridays are the song circles. I'm 
more likely to attend that, even though
I hardly attended those either. In fact,
I went out of my way to learn a new song,
and chorded it, and got the words all right.
Then left it on top of the piano in someone's
home. I don't know their name, and they don't
know how to contact me. Lost and gone forever.

I'm going to keep this short. I want to see some
more meteor shower before I go to bed tonight.

That's all I know.