F 1 D 0 - 2002 12 31 at 0015

Last entry for 2002.

Well, today is Erev New Years Day, 2002.

This season has been a busy one for us. We've
been company to other families, and had company
over tonight. It seems right, especially when
some of the people are busy and only make time
during this xmas season.

I didn't wait for New Years to do a resolution.
In fact, I guess I didn't make any Resolutions.

But I've decided to jog once or twice each day.
Not much, perhaps half an hour. If I do it early
enough in the day, I can come home, have a shower,
and it doesn't impact on my day. And when I do it
later in the evening, before bed, I can have another
shower, and go right to sleep.

The decision to do it twice hasn't materialized 
as yet. But it will happen sometimes.

I don't have a writer's block, but I do
have something else. I'm trying very hard
not to write you about things which are so
plain, so ordinary, you'll stop wondering
about what I'm doing, and just assume it is
something like what you are doing tonight.

Eating, sleeping, washing, learning, reading,
getting exercise, playing music.

So what am I supposed to tell you about? This
journal is about minutia, and maybe that's what
makes life interesting.

So here goes.

I was writing with Mark, and he was complaining,
rightly, about how the Christmas holidays have
become politically correct. Now they're just
Holidays. The Holiday Party. So we can offend
everyone, instead of offending a few.

And this season isn't about xmas, but somehow
about spending money, and giving. 

I was reading the Comical Journal (ok, it
is the Chronicle Journal) and it, like so
many other dailies goes on and on about how
evil it is to permit cloning.

I don't think it is evil, all things considered.

Star Trek never really got this cloning
thing worked out. They made clones which
looked exactly like their adult source images.

If a clone is anything, it is family. If it 
is made from me, it may not think like me, nor
act like me. But it will have the family 
characteristics. We'll need a familial word
for what its connection is to me.

I do have a concern about the cloning. If big
firms, such as medical suppliers, can clone
as they please, we can be certain that puppy 
farms, chicken coops and pig pens (you know,
all of those places animal activists show us
in disgusting details) will have one more friend,
the sapien incubator buildings. These will be
guarded and will be places which science fiction
and horror writers will get vibrant pictures.

So my fear is that the new slavery will be humans
grown in secret places. Blade runner replicants.

I did a search on Richard Sinden today. He's a
professor of Molecular Biology at Texas A&M university.
He's done some interesting stuff with DNA.

He's determined that DNA has a different shape
and different organizations than we used to think.
He talks about slip stranded DNA, and an intermolecular
triplex DNA. 

I want to understand it all, and learn it. The text
costs about 100.00 cdn. Yikes! Maybe I'll go visit
the university library and read it.

I have ulterior motives. My friend Howard mentioned
this professor when we talked last, and other people
just aren't doing the research nor the writing. I'm
eager to find out about this.

It should fit in with the apoptosis lectures I attended
in Boston. 

They were interesting lectures. They were fast talking,
but only expected the knowledge a person like myself
would possess. Here was an open meeting where history
was being expounded on, and there empty seats in the
lecture hall. Sometimes I wonder what people want.

Sports. That's what they want.

Music shows in big stadiums. That's what they want.

I prepared pumpkin soup with cumin and ham today. 

The first big change in flavour happens when
you stir in the cumin. The next one happens 
when you add the nice ham and stir it in. And
it changes once more when you stir in the Masala.

Originally I was going to make it without the
ham, but I found out that our guests had no
meat issues, and more importantly, they were
coming after dinner, so this was going to be
just for us.

I should write more often. I'm losing my
cadence. Horses who run have this cadence
thing, and I am thinking it prevents injury.

Who knows what terrible things could happen
if a guy like me writes, and the story goes
all over the map?

That's all I know.