F 1 D 0 - 2003 01 08 at 0200

Things that hurt.

I took a fridge for a walk recently. At
the time it made sense to me. I didn't 
think my back would like me forcing it
into the back of a truck, driving only
a few short blocks, and then forcing it
out again, only to heave it up a few 

So, we strapped it to a dolly using a special
nylon belt with a turnbuckle ratchet, and connected
it to the thing in a solid fashion. 

Once done, I walked it. I thought One
Block. I thought Wrong. It was four.

There are things, even once they're on
wheels, which remain heavy.

Even minor changes, such as a driveway's
angle to the roadway were something I
felt instantly.

I found new muscles. On the exterior of
my arms, just behind my wrists toward the
elbow are the muscles which ached most
from holding the dolly.

I knew in advance I wasn't interested in
hurting my back, so I managed hurting my
achilles instead. I'd bend my knees, and
holding with all of my might, uttered the
grunt of strength, and moved the fridge up
one single step. Instead of engaging my back,
I used a bent knee, and straightened the leg
out. This seemed sensible.

Ann has advised me that how I feel may not
be correctly attributed to this moving thing.
She was in similar pain for a few days. Marc,
the next door neighbour had similar complaints
too. Is it possible I've got some kind of Norwalk
or whatever flu virus is going around? It doesn't
feel like sickness. I'm not aching like sick. But
joints hurt suddenly.

Actually, last night I thought I was dreaming,
when my left hand was hurting. Finger joints, 
wrist joints, elbow joints. All hurt suddenly
last night. No reason for it, and only in my 
left hand. 

Since I'd recently done this moving, I decided
this was just payback for too much working and
not enough rests.

This payback continues in a weak achilles tonight.

Walking hurts more sometimes than other
times. I don't want this. I want invisible

I'm now medicated. Aspirin and Ibuprofen.

I wasn't very motivated at the Bluegrass music
tonight. I tried playing a song without a name
when it was my turn, but I was hardly heard. I
normally consider this inability to be heard over
the normal din a travesty, and I keep playing until
things change. But tonight I was just as happy to
let other people lead.

During the break was another matter. I felt right
at home while everyone is making noises to make
my own, and managed leading a lot of music. 

Happily, a few people came over and showed me some
things about holding and playing guitar.

"Down Up Down Up Down Up. Eat it. Sleep it. Breathe
it. Down Up Down Up."

Reaallly?, I ask.

"Yes, really. Once you have it under control, use
the down stroke for things aligned with quarter notes,
and the up stroke for things aligned with the (other)
eighth notes."

Anyway, I was encouraged. 

I hope whatever is paining me will vanish by tomorrow at
8pm, when my next opportunity to lead a class happens.

My dance card is filling up!

Mondays and Wednesdays at 8pm for team teaching aerobics.
Tuesdays at 8pm for Bluegrass.
Fridays at 7pm for Scottish.
Sundays at 7pm for English.

And specifically for this week, I have to 
meet with the coordinator of the Complex on
Friday at 2pm, to learn the rules for living.

The food for tonight was a curry. 

I like using Ottogi (brand) Korean
curry powder. It is like an instant
product for making a thick sauce. Just
add this stuff to cold water, and mix it
up. It thickens and behaves like a good
restaurant sauce mix.

Well, I couldn't find it in time. So instead
I used

1 pkg "chicken" noodle soup
5c water
4 cloves garlic, sliced roughly
1 onion sliced thinly
3 carrots chopped into very large pieces
2 tb Indian Curry Masala 
2 tb garlic
4 oz raisins, divided
9 oz frozen meat
3 medium potatoes, sliced into half inch coin

Once the water was boiling, I added the package
of soup. After a few minutes, I whizzed with an
electic hand blender.

I added the garlic, and whizzed it again.

I added the carrots, onion, half the raisins 
and all of the frozen meat. I sliced the onion 
as fine as I could, and added that.

I tasted for salt, and added a lot. I tasted it
and found I'd overdosed it. So salt isn't in the
list. Add enough so that the taste is right, but
not beyond that. Perhaps a round teaspoon.

I got three eggplant sliced into 1.5 inch
"coins" but I've not added that yet. The
curry seemed fine without any more stuff.

I tasted the curry, and found it still salt
heavy. I sliced the three potatoes, and 
added them. Thinish 1/4 inch slices. Once
these were soft, I could tell the salt was
getting better.

Anything not added? Add it. Taste for garlic
and onion. If it needs more, slice in more!

The whole house is fragrant from Curry.

It came out very nice. 

That's all I know.