F 1 D 0 - 2003 04 22 at 1250

Flooded Ft William.

There are 7 large pictures at the end.
Allow it a moment to load.

Easter weekend. This is when most folks
around here plan to escape.

Our neighbours had been planning a trip
to Sudbury for ages. They'd leave on Thursday
night, and return late Monday ready to work
again on Tuesday.

These plans were thwarted by wet weather.

It started with a sudden heavy snowfall
on Thursday. This made the narrow Trans
Canada Highway unsafe.  That was just the
beginning of the precipitation.

Saturday and Sunday had nonstop rain. I remember
sitting at the computer just watching it come
down. It wasn't droplets that hit the window,
but the water had a thick quality, and mixed
with the wet already on the pane. It kept the
water thick.

It was the same for some short trips we took in
the truck. I wasn't going far, and didn't use
the wipers. I preferred to watch the way the 
rain made this thick coating on the windshield.

Today's journal was prompted by a two-page
special in the Chronicle Journal. Old Fort
William has seriously flooded. Lots of pictures
were taken, and I'll share some of them with

It turns out that the weekend's total downfall
was more than 60cm.  Prefer that in inches of
rainfall? More than 24 inches came down.

As I said, I didn't think much about it, really.
I just relaxed at the project I'm doing on the
computer right now. 

I've collected all of my English Dances 
into one directory. I want to print 
two dance cards for each one. One with
the music, another with the dance cues. I'm
printing them onto 8.5x3.75 paper [cut scrap
letter size paper into three]. These fit easily
into envelopes. The goal? When I want to lead
a dance, I'll go through some list, and pick
one, based on the people present. I'll open
the envelope for that letter of the alphabet.
Musicians get the music sheet, I hold the cue
card. When done, I file it back again. The
cue also has a number so I can find it on a
compilation MP3 disk, so if I care to use
recorded music, I can play from the single
disk I've got ready too.

Anyway, I digress. I sat just noticing how dark
and wet it was outside, and it didn't dawn on me
that this could be overflowing the local rivers
in town.

The Kaministiqua flooded, and affected people in
the areas nearby to it. A friend wrote me to say
the road was flooded out, and to get into town,
she had to drive entirely the other way. She and
her husband wondered about bicycling to their
summer home. Interesting thought.

Old Fort William is the historical park in town.

This Friday, we were going to have a dance there,
in costume. But it is all a wet mess. It could
take ages to get it back in shape.

I'll scan the pictures from the paper, and let
you see it for yourself.

That's all I know.