F 1 D 0 - 2003 05 22 at 2215

New Tags.

I begin today's column by apogising to Bryan F, who
has been caring for my email for many years. I'd 
promise not to do it again, except that aside from
not being careful, I'm worried that I could do it
once again.

Do what? I'll explain. From the middle, as I always

My spam is an irritation to me. Spam is a problem
for everyone right?

When I'm at home, I use Eudora, and have told
it to look for a line which says "X-Spam: Yes".
If it sees that, it puts messages into a folder
called "junk" for me to check later on. No, I don't
discard these messages instantly, as often notes from 
my mother end up there for some reason, so I make sure
I look it over and pull them out by hand.

When I'm not at home, I use a secure shell program
(like PUTTY) and a mail client (PINE), or a web based 
system on the server end (Squirrelmail) through a browser.

The amount of advertising I get is variable, but on a
quiet day, I'm getting around 200 messages, and on a
busy day, I get 300 messages.

So what did I do wrong? I'm getting to that.

I don't have the resources to fight against everyone
who sends me junk mail, but when I can see the weak
link, I've been writing to the offending internet
service provider, and sharing my email with them.

It should be easy right? Send something to abuse@bigISP.com
they do the right thing.

Well, what happens if they do the wrong thing? What if they
decide that the offender was the Admin at my end, Bryan?

Yikes. They sent him a "fix this now" message, and threatened
to no longer accept email from him, or to him. Egad. All my

So I didn't know what to do now. I got a note from another
friend, Pete Mc, and he told me: write back immediately
and be sure to include both ticket numbers. 

So I've done that. I'm hoping all is well. Bryan hasn't
written back to me. He's probably still wondering what
substances I was using when I got him into this mess.

- -

I was reading someone's site, and found some new HTML
tags I've never seen before. They showed up as a dotted
underline! When you click, they don't send you anywhere, but
when you mouseover, they show the definition on the status

I'll play with them now.

No <ABBR TITLE="What part of NO don't you understand?">No</ABBR> 

The <abbr> tag is used to signify that the 
enclosed text is an abbreviation of a longer 
word or phrase. This tag is very poorly supported 
and most browsers simply ignore it. 

The <acronym> tag is used to signify that 
the enclosed text is an acronym which is a 
special type of abbreviation formed by using 
the first letter in each word of a phrase. 
This tag is very poorly supported and most 
browsers simply ignore it. 

The helpful paragraphs above are from http://www.devguru.com

That's all I know.