F 1 D 0 - 2003 06 12 at 0050

An Evening at Wal-Mart.

My evening, in reverse order.

I've been writing back and forth with my friend Meyer,
who has coaxed me back into Amateur Radio. What a nice
thing! I've been using Echolink software to patch from
the world of computers and internet into repeaters and
the world of radio waves. I spent time chatting on a
repeater in Austin at the University of Texas, callsign
AB5N. How did I choose it? By accident, I suppose. 

Ham Radio still wins the prize, hands down for its
interesting people online. The quality of meeting 
and saying hi to strangers new friends is
very easy. No strings attached.

I met someone in Grande Prairie last night. He's been
there for over thirty years. Told me the city was about
40,000 in population. Explained that with the stores there,
he no longer has to drive into Edmonton to do major shopping.
And even tho he didn't know me from anyone, told me where the