F 1 D 0 - 2003 06 15 at 0115


What a world, oh what a world.

There are a few reasons I'm password protecting
this site. 

Here is one: people are sending viruses with over,
and making their messages look good by quoting some
of my writing in reply. Yuck! Maybe the viruses are
an accident. But still. It's spam and it's also infected.

I've been writing for the benefit of strangers,
and now I'm closing membership to friends and to
people who come out of hiding. 

One thing this will do in the short term is finish
the Google Indexing which has occurred until now.
But that is still personal writing for the benefit
of strangers.

This writing is for friends, for family, and for
aquaintances who may become friends in the future.

If I have to exclude people who want to remain
anonymous, then so be it.

That's all I know.