F 1 D 0 - 2003 06 17 at -100

Two Dance Reports.

Yes, I'm writing this on the 16th, but
I use the date as a file name, and didn't
want to have to cope with two identical ones.

So there.

I ran my dance tonight, and last week too. 

Both attendances: Three plus me. Perfect
gender balance. 

But what do I do for dances when only two
couples are present?

English dances which are duple minor in 
longways sets work fine. These are already
just for four people at once, and the only 
problem is getting the same people over and
over. But you keep your partner (as partner)
and your neighbour (as neighbour). This is a
good thing.

Contradances which are Improper are a different
matter. A proper dance is one where the men stay
on THEIR side, and the women stay on THEIR side. 
An IMproper dance is arranged so the men and women
are mixed together in their lines. 

Rather than having both couples wait out an entire
turn of the dance, and come back in to dance together,
which would work FINE, we have adopted a system where
at the sudden end of the dance, your neighbour becomes
your partner and the set is twisted 90 degrees. But this
flows smoothly, and we can experience some of the nonstop
nature of a longways set this way.

It worked.

I've been asked for Irish dances for next monday. So I'll
prepare them. Plain set? Connemara? Cashel set? I'll plan
two of them, and make sure we can do it.

The people who are coming are happy. At the beginning
they're very unsure. 

[1] they arrive around 730 or 745 and nobody is there!

[2] dancing starts late, perhaps at 815, and someone
has to leave early, say 930pm.

But once we start, the tenor of dance, the pace
and the teaching I use for a handful of people
seem to work out just fine. This could take a while,
but it will come to be. I can see that now.

I treated myself tonight. 

Seven Eleven here has a chicken wing special: 39c each. 
So I got a box of 9 of them for 3.75 just to see if it
was worth travelling across town for them. They were 
just fine, peppery, nice. The benchmark for wings is
the recipe used by KFC, I suppose. These were crispier
and their coating was more like KFC original recipe
than like the wings recipe. Still, very good. Worth
getting. I didn't like the hot sauce, but I liked
the name of it. They open a bottle labelled "3rd degree",
and pour a 3oz serving into a styrofoam sauce cup.

It was both sweet and too spicy, if that makes sense to you.

I'm in the mood for coffee, but getting that after 10pm 
is a stroke of insanity, right? So I didn't and went for
the wings. They've been eaten now, but still I crave the
coffee. Maybe I'll settle down with some butterscotch 
pudding in the fridge.

For running, I've been using a small cup. This cup is
the kind which comes with a small toy in it, from a vending
machine. Well, it is just enough for a swallow of two of
'gel'. My gel is sugar free Jello, with a few real sugar
gummies added to fortify the mix.

This was Ann's idea, at least, indirectly. She told me
that packaged gelatin dessert used to have these candies
in them, and you needed the boiling water to melt them.
Wow! I just have to add the candies back in. Sure enough,
they melt well, and while eating them straight isn't going
to do me much good, fortifying the sugarless jello with a 
bit of real sugar for running purposes should be useful.

That's all I know.