F 1 D 0 - 2003 06 18 at 2345


Today's bread recipe. Yes, I should not
be eating bread, so I shouldn't be making
it either. Fine, Fine, Fine.

Liquid Portion.

1c tahini (it was in the fridge for a long time)
1c milk
2 eggs
4tb sugar
2ts yeast
.25ts guar

Blend with plunge mixer until thick like cream.

Other ingredients.

2c flour
1c whole flax seeds
1c oat bran
1c toasted whole almonds (also in storage for too long)
2ts yeast
1ts salt

Instructions I used.

Pour liquid into the bottom of baking pan.
Add all other ingredients in the order listed.
Press start on dough setting.

Check for thickness, assisting mixing as needed.
I added an extra ounce of milk, then seeing it
was too sticky, I added a tablespoon of flour.


I lined a cast iron frypan with a round parchment.
Preheat oven to 100F.

Roll the dough onto a nice silicone sheet, until
the texture is just right.

Pour the dough into the lined pan.
Put dough into oven then
Turn off the oven.
Let it rise there for 30 minutes.
Turn on oven to 350.
Let it bake there for 30 minutes.
Turn off oven.
Let it stay there for 10 more minutes.

That's all I know.