F 1 D 0 - 2003 06 23 at 1158

Things I should do. Things I shouldn't do.

I got up at 930am this morning, but last night
was late with practicing dance cues. I'll be 
leading my weekly dance again tonight, but it
is my first time *ever* leading and Irish Set.

I've chosen The North Kerry Set.

It has a Quarterhouse figure, which is the
theme of the set. It moves! But the choreography
isn't hard to remember. 

I've been thinking that dances have a litany.
Not just cues, but things dancers should say
to themselves to get it just right.

For Quarterhouse:

"In two three, and Out two three, then around
to the next position!"

The last figure in the Kerry Set is a Hornpipe
visiting figure. So of course, all of the figures
change. Hornpipe music is hard to describe, but
the littany will help.

For Hornpipe Quarterhouse:

"Stomp in two three, Stomp Out two three, and
around, and around."

So one of the things I should do is prepare a 
schedule with song locators today. And I should
practice this at least once more.

So, I got up at 930am, but didn't stay up. In
the end, I went downstairs at 11am. 

I saw a web site I was interested in. I was
reading at Librarian.net a recent presentation,
the speaker's note cards. I wanted to copy the
style sheet, and just learn how it is done. You
see, I don't program with style sheets yet. I 
should. That's the HTML of the future.

These got saved into my Download directory.

I went to DOS, as always, and tried to tell 
the computer to 
1. make a CSS directory
2. move the CSS things into it.

I got the parameters mixed up. I managed
moving the entire \download directory to

Wait, I'm not finished doing damage. It took
me a moment to figure this out. I look, and 
my download directory, and contents, are Gone!

I found them fast enough. So I decide to copy
them (not move them) back where they belong.

Urg. I had a NUMBER of CD images there. These
are big files. Each about 670 megs. I don't want
to corrupt my hard drive by not letting a copy
close its file. So I hit Control-C, and just
wait 10 minutes for it to finish. 

I took some time to have a look at these files.

I should erase them, rather than keep them around.
When it is time, I should locate and download them afresh, 
rather than archive these monsters.

I couldn't bring myself to it. So I've still
got them here.

So, I should NOT try to do anything too cute with 
the computer as my first thing.

And I should try to erase these oversized files
without remorse.

Talking about cleaning up, Ann comes back home
in One Week. So now I'm thinking I'd better start
restoration Real Soon Now.

My own surface is in need of a serious declutter. 
Then I can return my own system there. And then
when she comes back home, her computer and desk
will be vacant.

Oh, I have good excuses for having occupied the
foreign territory. Without her computer around, I
need to be close enough for a USB connection to
the printer. Yah, that's it, right.

The dining room table isn't bad, but it isn't good.

The kitchen table isn't bad, but it isn't good.

The counter is *bad*. And that isn't good.

Garbage has been under control, but recycle isn't.
Pickup of waste has been a source of irritation 
for me.

I prepare the newspapers and leave them out on
recycling day, and they remain on the sidewalk.

That bothers me.

Now if I just ignore the men with a neon X, and
take it myself, I don't even think about it. Yes,
we have a recycling centre, where you drive in town.
About 20 dumpsters, all well labelled. Newspaper, 
cardboard, plastics, soda tins, other cans, other
paper, glass, appliances. I just drive down there,
'mail' each of the things where it goes, and I feel
like I've finished a job well done. 

The guys ignoring my newspaper? That still gets me

Not having a vehicle for regular use is a problem,
so the paper will remain for another week.

I've rediscovered Diet Jello. The package makes a 
small 2 cup serving. I've taken up losing about six
gummie candies into the hot water, and now it makes
four cups of gel dessert COMFORTABLY. The problem,
of course, is that the gummies are NOT sugar free,
but I will live.

I've also rediscovered Diet Instant Pudding. This is
better than the jello, because it provides so much
truly instant gratification. In five minutes, it is
fully set. And if ignored in the fridge, it is very
well behaved. I made a container of it a couple of
days ago, and it is very happy.

Strawberries are rarely happy. They seem determined
to get old faster than you like, no matter how beautiful
they were when you brought them home. 

I lucked out recently, and got some half price ones.
Their only sin was the container itself. Completely
broken. So they wrapped it in this Wonderful shrink
wrap they have at all supermarkets. Now the berries
were *very* beautiful, but moist. Normally they get
a bit dry, and they grow green fur, then they go 
soft again. These? They appeared sugared or something.

I drop about eight of them into a 750ml container, and
combine with 1/4 ts citric acid, 5 packages of aspartame.
Fill with milk to 2/3 full, as the blending process seems
to hate full containers. 

I used to chop the strawberries. No more. I just keep
mashing with the plunge blender until I get what I want.

A thick concoction.

Oh, I thought this might be a good use for slightly
stale, but not gone bad yet milk. Where it has separated
into milk solids. 

Take my advice. Don't do it. It tastes fine, but since
the milk has already separated and turn solid, it no
longer thickens and homogenizes with the berries. It
just stays the same. Which is what? Firm whey. Liquid
skim milk. Berries in puree. But they don't thicken. 
They just mix together, and remain such as they are.

Taste? Just as good as always. The consistency was just
so wrong.

I should rush to a sports store I've never been to. I've
got to get a Tai Chi t-shirt as admission to this event
July 1st. I'm also dancing with the Scots in Old Fort 
William that day. 

And I'll have to change the linens on the studio for the
new guests coming in.

Wow. Lot's of things I should do.

That's all I know.