F 1 D 0 - 2003 07 09 at 1400

Like my first studio.

Monday's Traditional dance had a record
number of people. By the end, we had eight
dancers, including me.

One of them runs a local Yoga studio, and has
invited me to check out her place. What a place!
What a place!

It is long, it is bright, and completely beautiful.

It used to be an old pool hall, covered with
smoky everything, and the bathrooms were really
just a latrine.

Marjut and her landlord changed all of that.

The floor was painted white with grey highlights.
The bathrooms were modernized.

It has an openness that rivals so many other places
I've seen recently.

We'll try it next Monday. Our cost is whatever people
contribute, and I'll suggest $5 per person, as my flyer

I'll let you know what happens.

It reminds me so much of the studio I first
spent time dancing in. Lauren Goldhamer's
Studio. She taught Bartenieff movement fundamentals
to adults, as well as a class she whipped up "Body
Dynamics". That was an exercise class for an hour,
with a 20-30 minute dance component on the end, like
dessert. I knew I wanted to get involved in this
when I was attending this 5x or more a week.

Seeing this place I became awash in the old feelings.

- -

There are days when I don't see colours correctly.

There are other days when I can tell you are 
talking, but I don't understand anything. Others
still where I'm talking, and I cannot make myself

Yesterday at bluegrass was a day when no matter
what I tried, I couldn't tune my instrument. I
couldn't sing either. I screeched and felt like
I was out of tune. 

I'm glad this doesn't happen on keyboard instruments
very often at all. But it was hard last night. I left
the event early because I just couldn't figure out
what to do. 

It was like my musical ear was broken.

- -

You must all be sick of my love of crows.

I've been watching them cover each other
with open wings and show a caring for family
I've just not noticed before.

Oh, I want a pet crow badly.

I won't. But I can still tell you here how
much I want one.

- -

I have made up a disk of Only English Country
Dance melodies in MP3 format. That's about 10 
hours of dancing. 

And of note, I've located more than 90% of the
dance instructions for them.

Should I listen to my participants? They want
me to cover exactly the same dances next week
as last week. For the English dances this makes
some sense, but for the contradances, it seems
wrong to me. 

A contradance is a kind of "here
today gone tomorrow" dance to do.
You shouldn't try to remember them,
I don't think.

- - 

After an hour of chat, it seems I could be heading
south for August. Still nothing firm, but things
look good. I'll spend some time in Guelph and in 
Kingston with Ann, and then spend the other time
with family.

That's all I know.