F 1 D 0 - 2003 07 11 at 0120

Sesame Bread I made this evening.

I prepared tonight's bread to use up
some things in the fridge.

1 c whipping cream, old but not yet soured
6 oz margarine, lo-calorie soft, also old
2 eggs, large
4 tb sugar
1 tb (scant) quick yeast
.25 ts Guar

Blend a moment, until well mixed and the
mixture is creamy and smells right. 

Add to bread maker. Press Start on Dough Cycle.
It takes a few minutes to actually get started.
Continue adding things.

Dry Ingredients:
2 c flour
 c flax seed
 c sesame seed
 c wheat bran
1 tb (scant) quick yeast (yes, again)

Mixing happens. I help it along by using a wooden
spoon to make sure the corners are all well stirred
at the outset.

The dough forms a ball quickly enough, but isn't
as sticky as usual. This worries me so I add more.

Extra Ingredients:
 c flour
 c milk

I held the ball of dough still for a moment,
and it drank the extra ingredients in right

When I was ready to bake, the dough had entirely
filled (over the top) the bake cylinder, without
overflowing into a mess. Perfect.

I poured this into my most recent baking dish:

A very deep cast iron fry pan, lined with a circle
of parchment paper.

This bread did not fall. It didn't rise any further
mind you. But the finished product was crusty and
wonderful. The centre was light and slightly cakey.
And it was one of those breads which don't last 
until the next day very well. Because we eat it all
while it is still warm.

That's all I know.

Photo Credit http://www.loafersbread.com/pics/proofing.jpg