F 1 D 0 - 2003 08 10 at 1910

Somebody better build an Ark.

Words I heard at a diner in Kingston this
noontime. It was raining. No, it was a 

We went to the Star Diner here. It was
a good place for breakfast food. We both
ordered Bacon and Eggs. Ann and I.

Let me see now.

We arrived at 1239pm. How do I know? They had
a huge readable clock over the grill. Perhaps
3 feet in diameter. Very nice.

The waitress came by at 1240, and asked if
we "wanted anything to start". Coffee please.

She returned a minute later with a carafe, and
two empty cups. I asked for sweetener (instead
of sugar) and she came back in less than a minute.

She took our orders. I wanted three eggs, bacon, 
brown toast, an extra order of toast, eggs very
soft for dipping the toast into it. I was explicit.
Ann wanted two eggs, over easy, brown toast, bacon.

She left at nearly 1242. Our finished order came
back to us at nearly 1246.  Everything was as
we asked. Perfect.

I'd like to compare this experience with the diner
motel combination in Massey (watch this space, I will
get the name correct and remove this note) or Blind

We were travelling, and since it was our third day, we
wanted to cover as much territory as possible. Breakfast
is fast, right?

We arrived at 1130am. They seemed busy at the cash
desk, so we weren't attended to instantly. I guess
that's because the motel admin and the restaurant
use the same staff and cash registration.

But we didn't wait too long. By 1136, our waitress
came by, and we ordered our things. The order was
nearly identical to the one above, now that I think
about it. I must be a creature of habit.

Things were going on in the dining room. Lots of
people coming and going. But after ten minutes, we
started feeling like something was wrong. Maybe I
should take this opportunity to call Tom and Cindy,
as I wanted to appologise for being so late and for
not calling them the previous day.

I kept stalling, thinking I'd miss the delivery. The
soft egg cooks on the warm plate, so I didn't want to
leave the table.

Time kept clicking forward. In the end, perhaps at noon,
I felt I had nothing to lose by making the phone call.

It was a brief one. I'd told everyone that the trip
from Thunder Bay to Toronto takes two days, and we 
were taking longer. We didn't waste a lot of time, 
really. We would stop driving around 800pm nightly,
otherwise we'd not get a motel on the holiday weekend.

So I knew I was calling just to let her vent a bit
of earned hostility in my direction.

She expressed her upsettedness, and agreed to call
my folks and others who were worried I'd been hurt
on the Trans Canada Highway.

Still no breakfast.

The straw that broke the camel's back was when Ann
noticed a table get food. They came into the place
about 12 minutes after we did, and they were getting
their order.

Ann stopped the first person, and made it clear we
were about to leave.

Our waitress must have forgotten us, or didn't
notice our plates were ready. Maybe. 

Or perhaps the order was not started at all, and 
when she complained, the cook got instantly busy,
and turned it around in 90 seconds. 

It could be either way. It didn't taste cold
like it was sitting for so long. But it was not
hot. So I'm not sure now.

I just wanted to say something nice about Star Diner
in Kingston. They were fast and nice. 

When we finished eating, the rain was letting up. Not
stopped, but better to walk in for a moment. We went
to the LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario; The 
Liquor Store).

We picked up 6 Keith's, 6 Grasshopper, 6 Vex, and
a Spanish "Champaigne".

Look! Sunshine.

We found a place to park downtown called "North Bruce".
For some reason, it reminded me of the Monty Python
episode where Michael is introduced to a room full of
people, all "Bruce". Not sure why, but it came to mind.

Our first stop was Dansk. They make a lot of interesting
kitchen things, such as stainless cutlery. It was costly
but still interesting. We found some candle holders which
were elegant, with inlaid gold, white and blue. 

Our cashier reminded me of waitstaff for some reason. He
truly was knowledgeable about things in the store. He had
favourite things, such as parmesan bread dips. The balsamic
was nice, he said, but had a taste of vinegar and so he
wasn't as fond of it.

When Ann asked about the front door mats (made out of 
coconut fibre or leaf), again he had a favourite: the
ones with a pattern of leaves. "You can't go wrong with
Nature", he explained.

I was delighted. We weren't exactly spending a lot of
money there, but we were still treated well.

I asked him, "Have you ever gone to have something
to eat, and asked the staff, 'what do you like to
eat here?' and heard back, 'oh, everything is good,
but I never eat here, myself.'?"

He knew exactly what I meant. "I would thank the
girl, get up and leave" he sighed. His eyes went

"Well, You've been an ambassador for us. It's been

"A what?" 

"Ambassador. You know the things you sell here, and
have clear favourites. Thanks."

For now,

That's all I know.