F 1 D 0 - 2003 09 08 at 2710

Toronto Adventures.

It's been a while since I've written you. I've 
been here in Toronto.

Let me see. Where should I begin. Today. And 
I'll endeavour to work my way backwards.

030908 Mon - Mandarin with Tom and Cindy.

It was dinner time. I resist dinner buffets,
as they cost more. I recommend this one. Everything
you'd expect from Les Mets Chinois dept, and they
also had perfect prime rib, and perfect roasted pork,
and ... you get it. 

If you come to Southern Ontario, Visit Mandarin.

I went for a late night walk tonight. I do that
a lot, as I'm having trouble getting into running
again. I know I will, but for now, it is truly an
effort. So I walk a ways each night.

They're cutting up Danforth Ave. They were letting
the water from the Fire Hydrant just pour out. This
was bothersome for me, because I want a shower, and
there is no water at all.

030907 Sun - Hamilton with Nathan.

We always have these long stream of 
consciousness chats. Often we talk
about the errors of our past, or the
problems of the present. 

Hamilton is very real city, with many
tough folk who can get into your face.
This isn't like Toronto which has many
tough folk who would rather avoid you.

030906 Sat - Hamilton Contra Dance

I wish I had more fun there. The musicians
from Relative Harmony were good. But the
caller, a wonderful man, and nearly a friend,
didn't do enough preparation, and it showed.

The local dancers who came out were weak
as well, often really needing as much help
as possible from the microphone. It could
have used another two or three experienced
dancers (from anywhere). 

I'm glad I went, in spite of my whining. I 
saw folks I'd missed. And I'd rather dance,
and complain, than miss it.

030905 Fri - Walk to Victoria Park Loblaws

This sounds so simple, but it is rather
far away. And the goal here was to use 
up a rain check for 24 2-Liter bottles
of carbonated drinks. That's a lot to 
shlep. Vic park is about 2 concessions,
(that is 2 x 1.25 miles) from here. 

Along the way, we stopped at the pet
place, where 'the kids' picked up a
life jacket for Tohbi the dog.

030904 Thu - Customer Visit

It's hard to convey, but I truly
feel my customers are my friends.
This one is preparing for a trip
in a week or so, and only had so
much cash. She let me know in advance,
and that was fine for me. Getting
work over the summer hasn't been
effective, and so I'm glad to get
used as a technical resource again.

When I'm not using my computer skills,
I feel like I'm not growing. Not required
by the world. Something like that.

I'm so glad we got together. 

Her digital camera was being weird. Why
do they ship these things with defective
drivers?! I found the same thing with
my mom's digital camera. The CD that
came with it had a useless driver, but
certainly lots of helpful software once
you had pictures to play with. 

I found, years ago, a site in Japan
with the Fuji drivers. A small USB
removeable hard drive utility. It
installs almost without a blip. And
when it's done, look!, the system
stops freezing over.

It took a while for me to find it again,
as I have so many install disks, it's not
easy to guess which one is the disk with
a specific file. And each disk holds so
many hundreds of install files. 

We found it, and it was midnight. Good
thing. It was time to go home, so we got
it done just under the wire.

030903 wed - i forget

030902 tues - Jean's Thai

This Thai restaurant is across the street
from where we are, and is a family business.
They prepare Thai and Malaysian things. 

We had Pork with Green Curry, and Shrimps
with Basil. It was perfect.

Support a family business, and check it out.

ECD was busy, and good. Relative Harmony
was playing again for us. Judy called some
dances she'd never tried before, and had some
good luck.

030901 mon - Labour Day

Last Day of the Ex. Spent the day
with family, and in the evening,
got this rush of adrenaline that 
I'd better catch the end of the
Canadian National Exhibition. I got
to the Eukanuba Dog Show just in time,
and was pleased.

Each show they've done was different. Well
mostly. They create a series of tests for
the furries, and keep the patterns the same
for three shows. These are made of 'building
blocks' I guess. Small jumps, big jumps, rail
jumps, big tubes, Incline hill. 

The dogs love it, and their enthusiasm is contagious.

The Master of Ceremonies, Mr Chase, does what
he can to get one audience group against the
other. It's corny, but for a few of the shows
I've been to, it was effective. You really get
attached to your particular dogs. Red team, blue

Lots more, but I'll digress.
- -

I'm still a visitor here at Woodbine Stn, but
I'm making plans to move back to Toronto. Things
in Thunder Bay weren't fair for us, and winding
up living together was the only right thing to do.

I'm planning to take Greyhound up there as soon
as I've truly secured a place for my things, and
will spend enough time there to say goodbye to the
wonderful friends and community. 

I'd gotten involved in leading exercise and dance,
and it's too bad I have to grow my roots again 
somewhere new, but it will work out. I am sure of it.

My adventures will continue from Toronto again.

That's all I know.