F 1 D 0 - 2003 09 10 at 2350

Trying to catch up doesn't work.

Well, I'm trying. There is a 2-3 week period
I'd like to document for myself as well as for
you, but it's just not going to happen.

Well, not easily.

I know I went to the Canadian National Exhibition
four times. I really enjoyed the Eukanuba Dog Show.

And there is the usual period of readjustment
that happens when I'm new back in Toronto.

In fact, it's still happenening. With only a
few exceptions, most of the people who've asked
me to phone them still need to be reached. Oh,
I called them and left voice mail, but do you
remember the blackout? I do.

I had just purchased some perfect beautiful 
ground beef from the local market. Good common
sense would have suggested I leave it behind
when the service went from bad to worse.

Oh, the cashier's terminals still work, but
they got very very slow. And one at a time,
the point of sale terminals (credit and debit)
machines stopped working. I was half an hour
in that line. 

People had to pay in exact change, and the
cashiers were encouraging extra slowness. 

Yes, I was upset. 

I should have put the meat right back, and
that would have done the trick.

Nosir. I kept my place, and paid for the
stuff. It was clear that this little power
outtage was widespread when I started asking
around outside, at the intersection. Someone
just nearby was directing traffic, since he'd
always wanted to do that.

A few questions, and people were saying, "the
blackout goes to lakeshore." And later "I've
heard on the celphone it's across the city."
Finally someone with a radio on confirmed that
the problem was across Ontario, nay 1/6th of
North America.

We asked a neighbour if we could BBQ them.
He was happy to help us out. We had beef
cookies for the duration of our long blackout.

Well, not THAT long. We were out for 13 hours.

My friend Mark was out for 46 hours, and my
folks were down for 36 hours. 

Mark's case got my attention.

He lives on the 16th floor. He's supposed
to be paying high fees for them to maintain
a generator. This is to power the lighting
in the halls and stairwells. Well, it's not
there. Also, the water didn't work. I'd expect
some water pressure too. 

Nope. He had no shower, no water, no toilet
for two entire days. 

Some things did work. His phone, and his laptop.
So he was online for most of the emergency, albeit

I heard in Kingston the outtage lasted about
12 hours, but they weren't sure how long it
would be, so the folks running the restaurant
Chez Piggy worked at selling off all perishables
ASAP rather than let them die.  This caused trouble
the following day: services were still shaky at
best, and so they couldn't buy anything new.

- -

Today I decided to locate the Glenview Scottish
Dancers. Forty nice people, all eager to get fresh
dancers among them. 

When I was 12-13-14 years old, I went to R J Lang
Jr High School, and look, I met my French teacher
there at the dance. It was nice. She remembered me.

She actually remembered that I'd come out to this
particular dance many years ago, while still married.

I'll come out to it more often. Most of the dances
they did today were very difficult dances, and still,
this crowd can handle choreography easily. Two of them
were the first time for the group, and still, we all
got through them without a scratch. 

That's impressive.

Especially when the routine for this group
is Only Two Quick Walkthroughs, and finally
a briefing.

Don't let me discourage you! You should try
Scottish Dance. It's not hard to do, but don't
leave your brains at home.

That's all I know.

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