F 1 D 0 - 2004 01 25 at 0150

Just One Foot.

I've had this problem for a while, but today
it has gotten my attention sufficiently to
warrant an entry on F1D0 - my right foot.

Now on xmas, I had an incident where I went
down some stairs, and sprained or strained a 
foot. I think it was my right foot, but don't
know it. It hurts to be sure.

But that is NOT why I'm writing you.

My right foot is determined to have rough
skin. VERY rough skin. When I shower, I'm
rather smooth, without callous or roughness.
Except this right foot's sole.

It's getting bad, in that it used to be just
the edge closest to the outsides. So the heel,
the edge, they'd be rough. After a shower, it
just crumbles as much as I'm prepared to remove
it. I'm afraid to take it ALL off! It looks 

Now it is covering most of the right sole, and
has taken up absorbing the colour of my socks.

Yes, this is so minor, so absolutely unimportant
for all of you readers. I don't blame you for 
wincing at my smallness.

But I exercise barefoot often. Yoga is barefoot.
Instability ball is barefoot. Forgot your shoes?
Then that's barefoot too, whatever I was planning.

But now I have perma black marks on my Right Foot.
Not black. Grey.  So it looks like I practice bad

How can I?! I work out daily, and therefore shower
daily. Well, it doesn't matter.  I have some issues.

I'll figure it out. I was once advised that skin
roughness (like that) isn't filth, but could be
viral or fungal. Maybe I should be spraying more.

I like the spray liquid stuff. Miconazole spray.
It is funny, but nobody stocks it in Canada. I
have to buy it when I travel By Bus to USA. If I
fly, I'm not supposed to have it on the plane. 

The aerosols here have added talc powder. These
products stain my black socks. Sort of the problem
I'm having with the socks now, but in reverse. 

I *am* able to procure miconazole ointment, and
that is as nice a product as any to use.


Since Wednesday I've been attending a real gym.

I'm now going to Extreme Fitness on Yonge Street
every day. That is my plan, and I've kept to that
so far. I'm also on Atkins, but I've NOT been so
faithful to that. I feel benefits already, mind 
you. On day one I experienced the headache, and
don't seem to be starving as I normally feel. One
of the beneficial side effects of Atkins is how
you stop wanting to eat always, once you've gotten
into it. This is good, as I have the self control
six month old puppy left to watch a Barbecued Chicken.

Talking about puppies and barbecued chicken, I try 
to drop in on Tom and Cindy on Thursdays. 

I went to exercise at the Main Centre every Thursday.
Afterwards, I'd be only a few blocks from their home.

Now I'm going to Extreme, but I'll endeavour to see
them anyway. 

So I went there Thursday. "We have nothing here," I'm
advised, so I make sure I come over with a Barbecued
Chicken.  These are wonderful things. Eat them as they
are, or use them as meat in your favourite canned soup.

I come in the doorway, and I'm greeted by everyone.
Oh, not the human, but the animal family.

Toby was most visible. It was as if he could smell
me coming out of the subway, and knew this chicken was
Just For Him. I'd shout "Go Away!" and he'd go, but only
for a second. Or he'd encircle my chicken, round and round,
waiting for a tactical error on my part.

The Five Siamese were the most determined. None of this
shark style attack for them. They simply pounce onto
the island, and see if they can take it. The kittens' 
names are Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and the Momma cat
is Minnow, but answers to almost any friendly call.

So here I am, trying to debone the chicken, put it into
a small pot, open a can of something, pour it on, and 
let it simmer until warm again. Easy, right? 

Gamma jumps while I'm opening the tin, and manages 
getting away with thigh meat instantly. I'm told that
anyone -- dog, cat or human -- who attempts to get
such food back, hears frightening growling from
this otherwise sweetie pie kitten. I didn't hear 
any growling. I only saw the meat inhaled.

"Better stay close to the chicken, Dave," I'm advised.
"They will take the whole thing, and deny it later."

So I hunt for a squirt bottle. Now, these kittens,
and these cats, they're are NOT strangers to the 
water spray. It is how you get them from doing bad
things. So you'd think you show them the bottle, and
they run away and hide.

No. They look at you, and wince, and cower, and close
their eyes in anticipation of a spray, but don't go!!

You actually have to shoot them. Jeez.

Finally, Cindy and I got a system. I deboned and she
did the rest, including crowd control. 

"You'd think I don't feed them!" she says. "But I
feed them three times a day."

We made sure that Keagle got some nice chicken skin.
He didn't shark; he didn't beg; he didn't misbehave.
Keagle (say Kegel) is a grey tabby who was the cat
of the house before I showed up with a pregnant 
Siamese momma cat.

His name is from a circle-the-word puzzle. "What
is a 5-letter word for a bird of prey?" And there
it was: K-E-A-G-L-E. Every time I say "what is a
5 letter word for a bird of prey" around Cindy, she
kicks me.

Nanuk was also good. She's the Husky. So she got
the tail bone with whatever was connected to it.

I hope I can see Tim soon. He was sick for a while.
Actually, so was I. We say "I have a cold" but sometimes
it's heavy duty. Oh, you know it's not "The Flu", but
it can still be awful. During my last couple of days
of illness, I felt fine, with this one terrible exception:
I couldn't exert myself. Climbing stairs, such as to
get out of the subway, required me to rest at the top
of each partial flight. Is this what it feels like to
be asthmatic? 

I hope to see Nathan soon. I've not seen him for weeks,
perhaps months. He's still in Hamilton, but has a new
place. I saw that place, but it was still vacant. 

If you read this page, let me know, by email? Normally
I let a few of you know I've written, but this time
I want to see if it gets discovered. 

Do any of you remember Toby's Good Eats? There
was one not far from here. In fact, there was
one Not Far From Any of You, if you were in Greater
Toronto Area.

Now there are one, maybe two left. I was there.
It's the same as before. Interesting salads, 
and interesting hamburgers. But the people:
where are the customers? I was the only one
there tonight. I had their 99c special: Hamburger
for 99c if you buy the fries. 

Times are rough. Good special, and an empty 
drinking establishment. Still, the server
was chipper. Actually, he may have been an
owner. He used the phrase "I sent the other
guy home" during our chat.

Tonight's contradance was good. Judy Greenhill
was calling, and The Extraordinary String Band
was playing. Judy listens, and that's a good 
thing. One of the olde tyme melodies they used
was ill suited for the dancing we do. You just
couldn't tell when the music started from the
beginning. She got them to pick another song.

I like the music fast enough to swing without
plodding. Well, they didn't get points for
that tonight At All. Everyone wonders why I
don't come out to the Contradances as I used
to. That's the big reason. If I cannot get a 
good swing with my partner/neighbour then I'll
avoid the dance. 

After the program, we were advised to all mill
about the back, and we'd pick a place to chat
afterwards. But nobody could come to a consensus
about where to actually do that, so we all just
went. I was thinking of going home too, but I
got a signal on my phone, and came upstairs at
Yonge and Bloor subway station. 

That's how I discovered the Completely Empty
Toby's Good Eats. 

I'm rambling, huh? Oh well.

That's all I know.

These are retired streetcars kept as
artwork in Thunder Bay, at the Bombardier
plant there, where they used to make these
"PCC" streetcars. PCC was an interesting
idea. As I understand it the US president 
decided as a war time measure that street
cars would be standardized, so that it
didn't matter whether you got a Bombardier
or another brand. I think PCC stood for
President's Conference Cars.