F 1 D 0 - 2004 03 05 at 1650

The difference between A Problem and An Inconvenience.

Jeff just dealt with it so very
calmly. We went to the Bell World
store and spent 175.00 and replaced
my cell phone. Just like that.

And the phone is working again, all is well.
I was so miserable.

I didn't notice the phone missing until 230am, at
bedtime, when I go plug it in. 'Where is it?'

We went to Burger King that night.

I remember how Jeff noticed that there
was something heavy that went into the garbage
that he wasn't expecting, but didn't see it.
"Oh well!"

So back at home:

I SMSed it, and heard nothing. I phoned it
too, and still silence.  I was very agitated.

I couldn't find the BK phone number, so I
ran there (it's just downstairs and two
blocks away).

I went to the Burger King where it happened.
They emptied their trash around midnight, as they get a
pickup shortly after that. They were sympathetic, but
couldnt be helpful. It was too late for it.

The store took my contact information and
everything, but I guess I can put it
all to rest now.

"Dave," Jeff explains, "you have to understand
the difference between a problem and an
inconvenience. A problem is living in a camp
where one day they burn your father, the
next day they burn your mother, and you always
worry when will they burn you. Everything else
is just time, just money, just inconvenience."

(words from a play he remembers seeing)

That's all I know.