F 1 D 0 - 2004 04 27 at 0240

Three days of Spring.

Monday at Dominion.
Sunday with Fog.
Saturday watching the watchers.

Monday at Dominion.

Yesterday was Monday, all day, and this is very 
early Tuesday morning. But for me and my head,
this is late Monday night.

My work at Dominion as cashier has recently
changed with the super warm weather. The vagrants
have come out.

Oh, we have them all of the time at our store.

They come in, often with precise change for
the bun, a few slices of meat, a pint of milk.

That's always cool. I see them each day.

Today I got a visit from some new people I have
never seen before. One guy was calling me gay,
then telling me what a nice guy I was, during 
a 60 second period. He was pushing the women 
behind him in the line, then pushing the ones
ahead of him. He asked them if they'd buy his
chicken for him, as a courtesy, since he had
no money. They politely ignored him after they
said, " Afraid not ". 

He finally gets his turn at the cash, and 
has six dollars something for a nine dollar
total bill. I could start a thing, but I
figure if I get him and his chicken out of
the store, he'll be fed and gone.

No, I was wrong. He came back about 30
minutes later, trying to steal another one.

Security threw him out, and warned him never
to return. We'll see.

At the same time as this incident, another guy
is doing the pushing thing. What's up with that?
I don't like seeing customers touched for no reason,
but alcohol does that. 

For the record, I've been doing this cashier thing
2-3 days a week since December, and this is the
first I have seen of it. And it happpened thrice
in my cash lane.

No, I wasn't hurt, wasn't threatened, wasn't robbed.

The third thing was just strange. Security is 
following someone close, who appears to be lining
up to buy something. But I find out that he too
stole from the store sometime ago, and wasn't permitted
to be there, to shop or otherwise, so he was chased out
of my cash lane.

Today's weather was mixed. During the middle of my
workday, I heard this tremendous explosion. Yes,
it was thunder and lightning. Heavy heavy rain.

But by the time I was off of work, after midnight,
it was clear, and starting to dry out.

And when I left the apartment, around 4pm, it was
bright, almost warm, and wonderful. Beautiful. I was
walking southbound, just to catch sunshine.

I stopped into the Scottish store. It has all manner
of things from Scotland. The cost of a new Day Kilt
is around 500.00, and a used one from their rentals
will cost maybe 300.00, available in December or January.

Today I was ill for most of the daytime part. The weather
during this was horrid, at least in the morning, but still
I don't like feeling ill. I was distended, and kept having
dreams or nightmares of not being able to inhale. Then I'd
wake up unable to breathe well. I think I ate something 
which caused me to balloon, and I couldn't find a comfortable
position to sleep. It was awful. So I went back to rest, 
and didn't actually get out of bed until around 3pm. 

Sunday with Fog.

The work at Dominion was amazing! I cannot explain
what went right or wrong. But I was joyous from the
second I went in, to the moment I arrived at home.

Smart, fast, useful, and my comedy had correct timing.

When I got home, there was this deep fog. And it seemed
like the fog got worse each time I looked outside again.

I got my laser pointer out of the cutlery drawer (isn't
that where you keep yours?) and shone it through the
atmosphere. It was a Star Trek Moment! You could see
the beam travel from my building to the next one, even
if it was rather far away.

My commotion woke Jeff up. Maybe he was awake already.
No matter. It was nice to share that with someone, even
if the time was 100am or so.

Saturday watching the watchers.

"Too bad I'm tired. I should take this
theme and build it into an essay for F1D0."
I wrote that to a few people that night.
I'll copy it into this essay, and maybe
edit it; maybe not.

I saw some flashes outside the window. Perhaps
the best way to describe the window in particular
is the one with a balcony and a doorway onto it.

I couldn't identify the causes of them.

Well not right away.

Someone was aiming a digital camera at me,
us, our building, something like that. They
had to contend with the flash going off.

After a number of these, I decided the
Bugs Bunny quote was appropriate,

"Of course you know, this means war!"

And I fired up the Sony handy cam.

The first thing I noticed was the people
running their camera took cover. I could
no longer see them. But it was some kind
of party, and I was able to see a lot of

People hiding in a bedroom to talk then
kiss, then talk then kiss, then separate
when someone needed to get their coat out
of the bedroom.

I saw them point at me!

No kissing after that. But not much more
paying attention to me either. I saw
people sitting around, talking. I guess
they weren't notified about all of this.

Hey: for you voyeurs? I didn't record as
I didn't know where the tape was positioned
and wasn't prepared to overwrite anything
on a whim like this.

I spent maybe 15 minutes trying to see
details. No luck. If the lights were off,
then I could make out the heights, the
gender, and many facial features, but
not enough to recognise them by day.
And if they lights were on it was much
worse, washing out my vision with too
much light. The living rooms scenes
with all of the party were all lit, and
therefore invisible that way.

There was another bedroom. The children's?

I tried as hard as I could to watch their
television. I wanted to come away from this
and tell you what they were watching. Maybe
it was a video game. I am not sure. It just
wasn't clear enough. The flashing of my own
screen and the flashing of theirs, and the
distance away (Quite far!) made it just impossible
to make out much more than red and blue on the

No, they weren't watching www.redvsblue.com
but that would have been soooooo cool if they


Lots of flashes. This gets my attention.
I look outside. Someone is peeking into
my general viscinity using camera technology.
I go get mine.

They go hide. I keep watching them looking
for signs of anything. After a while, it
is clear I've found a dry well. It wasn't
dry at the outset, but it had nothing more
to show me, really.

Someone noticed I didn't attend the
contradance on Saturday night. Yes,
I went to the Scottish Annual General

I spoke with a friend who described all
of the business as "Apple Pie Motions".

I laughed! It's true. The only real reason
the Scottish dancers seem to have these 
meetings this way is because they are supposed
to. They get some funding from The Trillium
Foundation, and it has some thoughts about
how a group's governance. But these people
at the meeting aren't here to make decisions,
they're here to get through it, and try to
dance more before the night is done.

Our own Glenview group had such an annual
meeting on the 24th. It was much the same.

People would read a brief report of what
they were caring for, and the things that
they did. They were always long on thanking
their helpers, and this seemed to be expected.
All in attendance would politely listen very
very quietly. How quietly? During the dance
everyone chatters, especially during the
briefings. But as each participant read
their report, you didn't hear a sound, except
the speaker.

"Do you all accept this report? (all nod)
Can someone make a motion to that effect?
(a few raise their hands, one person's name
is read) Can someone else second that? Thank
you. All in favour? Opposed? Any discussion?
Comments? (long pause) This item is complete."

I wish I could tell you who was running the meeting.
His voice was so deep, so clear, even without

Part of me wonders what they do with all of the
money, as they get a lot of dues. I read the
financial reports, and they spend it on things!
Most of the income comes from "self sustaining
activities". I guess that's what they call dances
and workshops. The fees from these are meant to
cover the costs.

And yet each of the smaller groups tends to
have its own management committees. So I'm
not really clear what the Toronto Branch does.

I'll read the paper work over. As a group they
are so very very organized. How organized?

The volunteers who handle the programming for
next season are now working to put together the
ball and dance programs for the monthly dances.
They'll get through this soon so that the local
dances can download the file, and prepare their
own weekly dance programs based on it.

Backwards, we go. The daytime on Saturday was so perfect. 

In an effort to get more physical activity (I should be
very active, but I've not done very much for a while, so
I'm starting with walking in the morning) I encourage
Jeff to SMS me to awakedness, and we wander from store
to store. 

We stopped in a camera repair shop, where I got
to ask some basic questions, and where Jeff could
get his more detailed questions out. I have no photographic
background, Jeff has plenty. I wanted to know.

We went into Soul Drums. It's just south of Just
Drums. Imagine two different drum stores, a few 
blocks from one another, both doing well. I don't
really understand percussion yet, at least, from a
making good music perspective. I will someday.

Jeff has been wondering where our local library
is. He's seen a few of them along the way, but
these are not the ones he should consider. We found
the North York Memorial Library, a large building,
with a lot of open space, built with a modern 1970s
style to it. We didn't actually go inside, but
he knows where it is now. 

North York Centre was supposed to be the shopping 
part of the city hall plaza. We were all surprised
when the provincial government forced the joining
of The City of North York with Toronto, to make a 
new City of Toronto. I prefered Metropolitan Toronto,
which included the former Borough of North York, which
worked hard to become a City of North York, with its
own subway station. 

At some point, Jeff noticed his feet were aching, so
it was time to stop for a sausage from the nice
street vendor, and to work our way back home.

Spring time has brought out the best in 
the people I met along the way. Oh, we
didn't talk, but there was an occasional
runner, in fact, an occasional car full
of people getting out to run together.

People were being pedestrians with me, just
going about their non-business from one place
to the next. I loved it.

I wonder whether I should try to assemble these
entries in the order they happened? It wouldn't
be too hard, now that I read it over. There are
six or seven sections, and they just need to be
cut-n-pasted into chronological order, instead
of reverse chron order. 

I'll see what you say to me about that.

That's all I know.