F 1 D 0 - 2004 05 24 at 0020

Brookville Ohio.

This is day one of our road trip.

We wanted internet on our cel phones so that we
could be connected, even perhaps live, with web
cams, during our journeys. 

Not a chance.

The cost of 1X digital service is high when ordered
a la carte, and they discontinued the buffet service
just before we needed it.

No good, no good.

But things sometimes work out eventually.

We left about half an hour late, but made good time
on the highway. We got to Windsor Ontario around 1230pm,
but wanted to get some travel insurance for health.

$41.00 each for two weeks.

We stopped at a McDonalds for a bit, for just a bite.
Nothing fancy, just something so if we found a nice
restaurant across the border, we'd have room.

Well, both Jeff and I were bubbling painful gas for
the remainder of the trip. This truly isn't fair!!

Eventually it all went down, and we were hungry enough
to purchase a small restaurant chain.

We rushed to meet our friends, Lynn and Andrew, and
see their family, Audrey, Abram and Ruby.

I was surprised with how small their Jack Russell
Terrier was. And how self aware is it. 

I got to see how we can toss a flag or a rifle into
the air, let it turn a few times, and catch it.

Our tour wound up with beautiful downtown Brookville.

After that, we rushed to meet with Jeff's uncle in Kettering.

Wow, what a place. On a colonial lane, deep inside the 
concession, there are perhaps 50 homes all sharing space
with deer and forest. 

We went out to Cracker Barrel for food. This place
took good care of us, and a good thing too --- we were
even hungrier that we earlier described.

Life brought us back to the hotel room, the Holiday
Inn Centreville. The rooms come with high speed internet.
Just plug your laptop in. 

It's a bit sucky internet - it keeps going down. Don't try
to chat in it. You'll get disconnected again and again.

Jeff's called it a night. I'll ghost around for a while
until the sleepiness kicks in.

This place includes a wonderful sounding breakfast
including eggs, bacon and sausage, plus the usual
coffee etc.

Day one is winding down. It's going to be a good road

Tomorrow we'll check out things in Dayton and viscinity.
The day will end with us driving out to Akron Ohio to
visit Mark, and carry on from there.

Tha's all I know.