F 1 D 0 - 2004 05 25 at 0937

Kettering Ohio.

Spent the morning and afternoon with 
Jeff's family here. Very very nice.

The report will seem lacklustre because
it's the little nuances of brilliant humour
that set them apart as special.

We had lunch at a buffet chain that I cannot
remember right now. I'm not brilliant in the
morning. It's a wonder I got the computer set
up on the internet here so quickly. 

Our trip from Greater Dayton to Cleveland
included a stop at the Flying J truck stop.
This place is a haven for gadgets and things
related to cars and of course, professional
truck drivers. I still maintain it's a great
place to come in.

Look at the wonderful 12 volt cooking supplies,
or the microwave oven, complete with a power 

They offer a WiFi internet service for only 2.00
for an hour, or the price drops if you intend to
use if more often.

We continued toward Cleveland, and realized how
late we were running. We expected to just have
a coffee of something with my friend Ann, but
we were late, and hadn't eaten, so we had a late
dinner at The Gold Coast Cafe in Lakewood.

Our food experiences on the trip have been glowing,
wonderful things.

Our experiences with coolers isn't so happy. We 
found the seat where the styro cooler was sitting
entirely wet. The ice leaked out without our permission,
and soggied up the rear seat. Jeff was *not* amused.

So now we seek another cooler, and hope this
one doesn't just keep things cool, but also holds
water securely as the ice melts.

We will check out this town, and in particular,
the places here I visited when Mark used to be
here. Sometime in the afternoon, we'll wind up,
and head to Akron, where we will connect with 
Mark in his new home - about an hour's drive
from here.

That's all I know.