F 1 D 0 - 2004 05 25 at 2315

Milesburg Pennsylvania.

Wow, look at this. Three entries in one day.

What can I tell you about this place?

It's a truck stop town.

The Holiday Inn is very nice. The air conditioning
works well, and rather quietly. The place has a pool,
an exercise room, a lounge (uh, a bar, where some angry 
men just kept swearing a lot, and some women in the other
corner stayed as far from them as possible).

There is a town nearby called State College, and we can
call locally. That is why I'm able to write to you today.

The food in this place:

Buckhorn, connected to the generic motel and a TA 
truck stop.

Generic truck stop, connected to texaco gasoline,
and CAT caterpillar construction vehicle repair.

Subway sandwich shop.

And our own inhouse cafe.

Surprise. This place goes to sleep at 10pm. Well, not
all of it. The two truck stops are open 24 hours, but
they didn't exhude friendliness toward us.

We had lunch in Youngstown Ohio, and it was Jeff's
first time at a Bob Evans. I'm not sure when I was
at one last. Our cheeseburgers and fries were adequate,
and we discovered macaroni and cheese on their menu,
so we had to order it.

Surprise! It was Kraft Dinner.  We didn't just notice
the taste was the same, but we asked the server guy,
and it *was* the same.

I'll bet most of the goodies were Kraft Products.
I know Applebee's is a General Foods company. KFC
and Taco Bell are Pepsi companies.

We could have used something dinner ish, but didn't get
involved in it promptly. Oh well.

I may go into the car and forage for snack food. There
is always something to eat when I'm involved. I think
I may have packed a few small cans of fish.

I went looking for fungicide this morning. Found it
at Wal-Mart. I wanted spray liquid, but it seems to
not be around, except as spray powder. While that
product works, I don't like gluing the powder to my
clothes. I got a couple of inexpensive tubes of 
clotrimazole ointment and felt good about it.

Rain hit us, finally. 

Not for very long, but during that time, visibility
was low-to-none. Ten minutes? It is hard to measure
time when you are experiencing purgatory.

We also had to cope with roadwork, and this slowed
us down for about an hour I would guess.

So here we are in Milesburg PA.

I liked Ohio a lot. Grassy places, friendly one-floor
homes, and friendly accessible people were everywhere.

Gawd! I wanted to shop at Mehndohllsohns Surplus. Maybe
on the way back.

But on entering Pennsylvania, you notice a smell of
green trees right away. They're everywhere, and it
isn't your imagination. The exits are 15 minutes apart
at highway speeds. You occasionally see a street 
under the highway, but usually just a river or a stream.

If you want to see nature, not urban life, travel
Interstate 80 between New Jersey and Ohio: Penn State.

I'm tired and alert. What a condition to be in.

I called my folks this morning. We've taken the
voice over IP phone with us, and it works as well
as the internet we're connected to. So if we have
flaky internet, we have a spotty phone call. Jeff
described it as someone apparently crying during
your conversation. My mother kept asking me to
repeat what I was saying when she didn't already

Ok, this is all for now ; more soon.