F 1 D 0 - 2004 05 27 at 2315

Times Square, New York City

Hi Both of you,

I'm here at the Comfort Inn, room 307, but the
WiFi internet isn't working for me. Jeff has it
going. I'm downstairs using their shared computer 

The hotel across the street (and another one too)
wanted 275.00 a night, plus 40 or 50 dollars more
for parking overnight.

This place was "reasonable" at 99.00 plus 29.00
for parking. Moreover, they were able to help
us see the place we chose for parking about 4blocks
away was a good choice at the same price as them.

Jeff continues to correspond upstairs in our room,
but he'll join me down here and we'll continue to
see what is going on in Times Square tonight.

Not sure what it looks like? It's Yonge and Bloor
Streets at home. Busier, as people are visiting
from around the world. In fact, you see four and
five people at a time, in uniform! Sailors in white,
others in brown-beige, others in black with a white
stripe (Belt, I suppose), and a few other kinds.

They're all in dress uniform but also on some
kind of holiday shore leave. In excellent humour.


We ate at the Howard Johnson restaurant here. It
looked very very run down. In the end, it was
rather perfect in the food department! My burger
and jeff's chicken fingers came out as planned.
The prices at all eateries here is exorbitant.
But that is a cost of times square I guess.

Prior to that we were driving across the states:
New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

NJ is urban and farmed. Lots of cars. Lots of
people, lots of things. Nothing specific to
describe, mostly because we didn't stop there.

Penn state is different. It is all so very forested.
Western Penn is so free of farms, free of people,
its hard to stay focussed on the driving.

We had some rain last night, and it was heavy.
It occurred to us that the road could become
entirely invisible if we don't make some plans
immediately. We decided to use the next stop
for safety.

In Milesburg PA, we were able to internet because
I took the phone numbers for Interlog, and we dialled
the local number. It was a good thing to do.

We wanted SUBWAY food last night, but it closed
at 10pm. Oh well.

Penn had a lot of state troopers on the road.
Most of the time they seemed to want to be seen.
They would have their lights going. Only the
very bold would speed past them. Other time
they would set up some form of radar, with a
sign indicating the speed you were going. I
guess they only did this just prior to a road
work area, but still, I thought it was very

You might be wondering about how safe, how
dangerous it is here in NYC, and in particular,
in Times Square.

They have some form of security guard at every
corner. Police seem to abound too. Cars. People.
Miniature ones, like road sweepers. We saw an
officer who was hoping to retire soon riding a
scooter like Jeff wanted to buy someday.

I'm finding the people here friendly, and very
supportive of tourism. I remember a time when
everyone in New York wore dark or black clothes,
dark glasses, and didn't look at you.

What I saw today was the opposite. People look
at you as you pass, and wave with their eyes.
They hear you talking, and might correct you if
they think you are in the wrong.

I've got more to say, but look, Jeff is now
waiting for me to join him.

I'll post this with few (perhaps no) changes
to f1d0.