F 1 D 0 - 2004 05 30 at 0330

Boston Massachusetts.

I supposed I should have written to you yesterday. I'm a bad
man. Oh well.

Yesterday we travelled from NYC to Boston via Connecticut.

Originally our plans were to start early, and 
get a tour of the NBC studios. We'd lunch, and
then leave for Elgie's home in Newton. It was 
only about 3h away, so there would be no trouble,

But Jeff felt we could skip the tour. He'd been
on it before, and they wanted about 20.00 each
for us. He didn't see changes in it, and so we
could go get the car out of hock from the parking

Good news. It was NOT scratched by this incident.
(I was wondering how hard a valet parking service
would be on the vehicles. They are stored upstairs
by carrying them in a freight elevator, and some
of them are raised higher by a smaller lift which 
lets two cars share one space.)

We took to the road right away. New York isn't 
straight forward, but we had the benefit of the
Mapquest directions out of there. Getting onto
the correct side of the road wasn't easy, but
we got through town as fast as it would let us.
So it went quite slowly.

The highway from NYC to New Haven was stop and go
throughout the trip as well. Bummer.

It became clear to us that we weren't going to be
even close to on time, so we phoned Elgie, and explained.
When we finally made it to her home, there wasn't
a trace of her.

We still took the time to visit Newton. It was
nice. A good village.

I called Christine not really knowing what her
situation was, but she took us in for two nights,
and I'm writing you from her living room. Her and
Kim busy with personal things so they were busy to
handle the usual meals together. 

Yesterday I went with Christine (we met Kim there)
to the Newcomer's Dance for English in Harvard Square.
Finding a dance can be a challenge, but once we located
the church and the doorway all was smooth saling.

Today's adventures began with Jeff and I hoping to get
a day pass for the T. Well, not available at Downtown
Crossing, not available at Park Street, even though it
should be. There was a visitor's centre there, where we
may have been lucky enough to buy one. It felt like such
an attempt would use up a precious favour.

We continued without it, going to the stop before
Cleveland Circle to meet Jean. We three walked all
over the place, talking about whatever as we went.

Washington Sq - Coolidge Corner - Brookline Hills.

We stopped at the Brookline Smokehouse, but it was 
so closed!!

Brookline Hills - Longwood Medical - Harvard Sch Public
Health - Northeastern University - Copley Square -
Boston Garden - Boston Common - Downtown Crossing -
Fanueil Hall - Ocean!

We did a lot along the way, and I'll spare you the
details until I remember them better.