F 1 D 0 - 2004 05 30 at 1017

Details of Boston.

I lied yesterday. I didn't forget the details.

I was exhausted and couldn't remember how to 
code HTML correctly any more. This morning I
found the link. I couldn't see that I used a
"-" where a "=" was required. Sigh.

So: Good Morning To You!

I'd better start from the beginning, as that is
the best way for me to remember things.

We got up yesterday around nine. We don't rush
out, but slowly get to checking email, and doing
other things. By 10am we had a plan: go find a 
day pass, and then see Jean, have coffee with her.

Getting the Day Pass proved to be a problem, actually.

We went to Downtown Crossing, and the guy selling fares
kept saying something I couldn't understand, even after
repetition for my benefit.

So we walked in the tunnel under Winter Street a small
block, and ended up at Park Street Station. This is the
home of the famous Green Line. That means all of the
street cars have a tremendous multi track station here.
It's always busy, and it probably has much the same look
as it did a hundred years ago when they designed it.

I asked the "official", that is, someone with a special
booth in the middle of the station, for a day pass. He
advised me to go outside, and buy it from the visitor's
booth. But I truly remember buying at the station, not
outside. To leave the station is to forfeit my fare.

I asked the man at the turnstile whether he had them.
"I usually do," he says, "but never on weekends. It
doesn't make sense to me, but I've been doing this a
long time."

I decide not to leave the station, and to just live without
a pass.

Too bad I didn't find one - we would have gone to the same
places, but walked when tired. Instead whenever we got
tired out, we'd stop and rest until we were ready to walk

Jean lives near the end of the C line, and for some reason,
it was exceptionally busy. We got onto the streetcar, and
stood against the door (which reads "Don't lean against
the doors").  It remained sardine like until St Mary's, 
the first stop outside (the others were underground).

We got to see Blueberry, who seemed to remember me. He
talks, and likes being with people. Blueberry is a bird,
a Blue Crowned Conure, that is, a small parrot-like birdie,
green with blue highlights. I've seen many of birdies, but
Blueberry has the most human qualities I've seen in a
pet bird. It's happy to interract and take part. You really
wonder how much it understands, especially when he laughs
at the right times.

So the three of us wandered around! We located the
nearest Starbucks in Washington Square. We walked
from there to Brookline Hills, hoping to find a 
Texas style barbecue for lunch. It was closed until
4pm. That's not good! So now what? We went into the
nearest place, which was Bertucci's. An Italian
chain restaurant I'd not seen elsewhere. We got
very lucky-- the calabrese buns had just come out
of the oven. After a large salad and various pasta
dishes, we continued.

But to where? Dave decides. Let's go "THIS" way. I take
us towards the hospitals and the Harvard School of Public
Health. Essentially, these were places we'd gone when I
was living out this way. But it had been a long time, and
it was almost unfamiliar. 

For example, there was a very run down supermarket, the
Calumet. It was a big store where everything was on sale,
but still, it's older personality suggested it was from
another time. It's gone now. There is a circular courtyard
there, with places to sit. And the rest of the building has
a brand new Stop and Shop store. I didn't go in, but it had
more people milling around than the old Calumet. Why do I
miss the old store then?

We went past the Museum of Fine Art, Northeastern University,
Copley Square, and just continued wheedling our way downtown
until we got to the Boston Gardens and Boston Common.

We stopped for water at Arlington Stn. I'm not sure what makes
this happen, but the chickadees or sparrows were very hungry,
and very tame. So while Jeff and Jean were talking about things,
I was talking to the birds again. Yes, they took bread and turkey
from my fingers.

We found Park Station again, but this time from the outside, and
continued to Downtown Crossing, then wandered through the tall
office buildings to Faneuil Hall, where a couple of street
actors had managed getting three men who were volunteers wearing
pink Tutus, and whenever they interracted they would offer "it's
okay, this is very manly".  The three of them we sat on stools,
formed into a firm triangle, and the stools were removed. Yay!
The street people jumped over them now, and had to coax the 
audience to laugh etc. But it was good.

We got to the ocean, and sat and talked some more before it
was time to all go home.

There was more, but I'm eager to save this, and head to our
next stop. Not sure where that will be, but probably Albany NY.