F 1 D 0 - 2004 05 30 at 2305

Syracuse New York.

This is probably our last American stop on the
trip, or at least, our last overnight stop. 

Syracuse is a working city, so you see lots
of factories, and lots of business which appeals
to families and the working.

It was Sunday night, and Jeff was convinced there
wouldn't be anything to see or do on a Sunday night,
especially since we we here for Memorial Day.

Wrong! We see about six cars near a store called
Ella's 99 Cent World. How big is this place? When
we go inside, it's got 9 aisles of interesting things
we've been looking for. 

I picked up some packages with "molecule toys", that is,
a package of sticks and balls. I'll report on how good
it is in the future.

And what else? Small fluorescent bulbs, small lighting
things with batteries, signal things for locating lost
goodies (just whistle!), and more than I can remember.

What a deal.

We wanted to see what Syracuse looked like, and found
a place with lots to see. Uh, we also managed getting
lost. It wasn't very lost, mind you. We drove around
the perimeter, and didn't actually see anything that
would help us find our way back.

But we're here now, at another Comfort Inn. They've
been familiar and friendly places for us. This one,
like another one we were in, has ensuite high speed
internet. It is also supposed to have a wireless hot
spot, but that could be in the common area. We're sharing
what we have. It's working.

Have you ever been lost in a town, and asked a store
clerk for help, only to find they don't know either?
That didn't happen here. People were friendly, and 
knowledgeable too.

Like how?

Here: Syracuse has traffic circles (they are also
called Rotaries). These are good places to burst
an arterie, as [1] you can take the wrong exit
all too easily, but worse [2] you might have to
drive a mile before you can return to try the thing

When it comes to driving directions: Rule 1: Jeff is
always right. When he's wrong, Rule 2: refer to rule 1.

from a movie:

"Humour. It is a difficult concept. It is illogical."

and from the same movie:

"We learn by doing."

Somehow those two statements apply well to getting lost 
here in Syracuse.

It took much longer to get from Boston Land to Syracuse
Land than we anticipated.

But it's a straight path. Get onto Interstate 90 West until
you are home.

Well, here are the minor amendments to that:

Eventually after leaving Massachusetts, follow the signs
to Buffalo, which will say I-87 North. And in Buffalo
follow I-290 or I-190 as the signs direct you back to

Has Bonanza and Ponderosa died altogether? We keep finding
their skeletal remains in one town after another. Was the
business plan so bad that money couldn't be made? I'm just
confused. We've found a Home Town Buffet and (?) Classic

These places have all of the things we want for the price
of an entree. 

But we found another Pizzeria Uno in Albany, and you know
what? If you get just what you want, and enough of it, then
the buffet is hardly required. They've sold me a 10 oz burger
deal twice, and it was perfect twice. I couldn't finish
the stuff I was given twice. 

Maybe my buffet days are over?

I'll log off, and play with some of the goodies from the dollar
store now. They really remind me of the toys we could have spent
50.00 on at The Sharper Image. 

That's all for now. If I wake up and feel like it, I'll
share more with you.