F 1 D 0 - 2004 07 17 at 0017

Weekend in Thunder Bay.

Time is going fast. We've travelled 20 hours
on greyhound to get here. 

We spent the first night recovering from a 
baby who was nice, and two children who were
nice, but happened, just by accident, to sound
off after I had only just fallen asleep. 

This made me cranky after about 20h of that.

But I'm not joking. They were very good kids.
They were playful and mostly silent for most
of the long trip. But the baby would maxx out
every now and then, and that was that.

Oh well.

On arrival at 1030pm, we went directly to Ann's
place and crashed. That helped me recover.

So did spending the next day just wandering around,
no packing no planning no nothing. Just driving, 
looking, dollar stores.

We picked up some moose whistles. Too many people,
careful drivers, have lost their lives to hitting
moose. The bugs are bad this year, and the moose
see the road as a way to escape them.

Today we picked up a nice huge U-haul, and was
filling it. I should be doing that now, but I'm
writing to you instead.

Not much left to pack.

Stuff from the upstairs bedroom, perhaps 20
more small trips up and down the stairs.

Tomorrow morning we finish the packing, and
spot check for things forgotten. 

I can feel how tired I am. I'm not being
very lucid. But things are good, even very
good here.

It's been a nice time to visit and meet with
people I've not seen in a year. 

I'll be taking pictures as much as possible, 
and will be trying to find some good stories
to share.

Until then,
That's all I know.