F 1 D 0 - 2004 07 17 at 0745

Packing almost done.

Just a short note. I found myself awake
before 700am, and decided to dig in again.

I was supposed to work before going to bed,
but I just didn't have any energy, motivation,

But I've got it now, strangely.

Thunder Bay telephone seems to be separate
from the rest of the world, and so is Thunder
Bay Mobile.

When we had service issues in USA, there was nobody
who really knew anything. We called 611, and someone
who sounded much like a call centre attendant
listened but knew nothing.

Here we aren't able to send nor receive SMS.

We should be able to! It's a universal network,
but we're not getting a sound.

I called 611.

"Oh, Yeah. Yup. Sorry, we don't
do anything for roamers, except give them
their phone calls. No SMS, no Data, no
receipt of Data. Sorry."

"That's no fair! Who should I phone? Your
boss or Bell?"

"There's only three of us here, and we all
know about it, so you'd better call Bell.
But with lawyers and all don't expect anything
soon. Maybe a year. Maybe never."

So our phones have been so silent. Nothing.

That's all I know.