F 1 D 0 - 2004 07 18 at 0055

Schriber, Marathon and...now with smaller pictures.

(click the numbers to the left for the hi-res pix,
the smaller ones are reduced and are saved at lo-quality
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Sometimes it is easiest to find a few interesting

Schreiber is a town that Greyhound doesn't go into.
So we decided to go have a look.

0098 Hotel. I liked the colour.

0107 There were yard sales all day, but they were all closing up
when we showed up.

0127 Fried Chicken and Movie Rentals. No more chicken. Hasn't
been there for years. Also, in daylight, it is hard to see the
view, so this one was truncated. Sorry.

Marathon deals with paper making. 

0165 Marathon Man.

0169 I like the mills.

0182 Quiet open town.


0069 A "dead man's turn" at Rossport. 

0205 Greyhound stop at A&W White River Jct.

0215 The original goose at Wawa.

0225 Sun sets on Lake Superior.

0233 Mini golf fun park Sault Ste Marie.

Tha's all I know.