F 1 D 0 - 2004 08 02 at 1200

Robbed yesterday.

Drama. I love it. That's why I picked the
title you see. But the more correct title
is "Scammed Yesterday."

A teen comes in, pays me 5.00, and I wait for
her to come up with change. I accept, and then
she demands her 15.00 in change; she gave me a
20.00 she says.

I should have contacted head cashier promprly,
before she left the till. She must be a pro at

So my station was short, perhaps for the first
time since I've been doing this job. It was 
short by more than 30.00, but it's curious
how that might happen.

I didn't feel bad about that, but it affected
me for the rest of my shift.

But I was a slacker yesterday. We were busy,
and not. You see, we had six cashier right
to closing.

Closing! You heard right. Today is a holiday,
and while the store is open 930-600, it closed
up last night at 11pm. So now and then we have
to ask all of the customers to leave, and they
aren't used to that.

At All.

So at quarter to closing, I wandered the aisles
and asked them to cash out. (yeah, right, they
will rush to the cash). 

Announcements every five minutes. (no real effect)

Lock the front doors. (that worked).

I got out early enough, to find that our local
miniature Tim Hortons had a non threatenening
fire. A donut "baking" machine was making smoke.

When I got inside Spadina Station, there were 
polices everywhere. 

Downstairs I saw the problem. Some idiot had 
taken a joy ride into the subway by following
the streetcar tracks downstairs. 

He must have been going fast.

For one thing, the tracks downstairs don't have
a road component. They are more like train
tracks. For another, the turns are tight, so
you don't see very far, perhaps two carlengths
ahead. It must have been a very exciting ride.

The car was jammed halfway into the backend
of the streetcar. It didn't look very good.

To get it that jammed, I suspect a speed of
40 mph, when the streetcars usually go about
5 mph. It was a mess. I think the passengers
were very excited right up to the last second.

I doubt they're alive. A streetcar is kinda
big, kinda heavy, and it has a big connector
in the back for joining to the next streetcar
which pierces the windshield and generally
makes you sorry you tailgated the TTC.

I rushed into the subway, and went east to see
Tim. I wanted to get together earlier, but I
forget exactly what we did yesterday. I walked
with Jeff in the morning, and oh yes, I remember
now: we went to Yonge and Bloor in search of 
specific socks. Found them. 

The downtown dollar stores have the best socks.
I have plenty; but Jeff needed some more.

My time with Tim was good. He was out of protein
food. Lucky I showed up. 

I came with a container of sliced turkey and gravy,
courtesy of the deli dept. I knew it was a good 
find when I saw it, and purchased two of them.

I ate one during my break, and figured Tim would
like it. I didn't know he'd be needing it.

So the rest of my visit involved defrosting 
a package of pork chops in the microwave, 
poaching them briefly, and frying them up
for him to have.

He's staying at Tom+Cindy's to watch their
animals while they are camping. So far so good.

Okay, Tohbi the Dane has eaten all of his
rations already. He's supposed to be free
feeding, and they left him a rubbermaid
bin full for their trip. All gone. I'm not
sure what Tim is going to do about that. 
He'll deal.

I want to offer you more details, but I have an
early shift today. I have to be there for 130pm,
to closing.

That's all I know.