F 1 D 0 - 2004 08 09 at 0415

Kasha, backwards.

I'm a slave to my cravings. I craved Kasha.

I wasn't sure what I really wanted, but I
looked in the fridge for a long time until
it occured to me that's what I should make.

Recipe I used:

40 oz meat soup
1 very dry bagel
8 oz kasha
2 oz dry lentils
2 oz dry elbow macaroni

Ok, explanation.

Whenever I'm in a hurry for a meat fix,
such as a hamburger, rather than fry or
barbecue it, I'll have a pot of soup around
(I *always* seem to). I drop the frozen burger
into it, and bring it to the boil. Turn it off.
Eat the burger eventually.

Well, I decided it was time to finish off
this soup. I measured how much was left, and
that was 40 oz. 

40 divided by 3 is 13, that is, more or less, 12 oz.

I had this dry bagel I wanted, but it was too
dry for me to do anything with it. Harder than
hardtack. So when I boiled the soup tonight,
I tried to soften the bagel. I succeeded, but
only enough to break it into bits.

Boiled soup: if I'm keeping a stock pot of soup
around, I boil it once or twice a day until it
is used up (or I refrigerate it).

So, the kasha: I've just had this. It was
even better than I'd anticipated.

Do you ever run out of cutlery? I have a lot
of it. I'm still running out. I just went to
a dollar store (during the Taste of Danforth
festival, there are a lot of good dollar stores
there too). I picked up a nice plain design, and
got 5 new tablespoons, and 10 new forks. Well, I
guess I should do dishes. Maybe they'll show up.


Prior to Kasha was Email. I've got some friends
who are reading Robert J Sawyer. I went to school
with him. He was younger, so we were never in the
same classes, but he was able to organize students
and teachers alike. Even back then it was clear that
he was going to do good things with his life. And
he's still together with his highschool sweetheart.

So, I spent a lot of time catching up on which books
I should look into. As I do that, you'll find out
about it here on these pages. For now, be comforted
to know I was reading about him.

Still further backwards:

I came in at 230am, a usual time from working at Domin.

It was busy today, but not insane. A steady flow of 
customers, five waiting all night from 8pm to 1240am.
I took some breaks from it, as when it doesn't stop,
even if it's fun, I need to stop for a moment. The
customers who are waiting don't share my opinion. But
you turn off your light, hand the sign to the current
last customer, and advise them you won't take any more.

And then you just stop for a moment. Count your bills,
make sure the system is correct, walk around for one
minute, fill your water bottle, drink some. There. 
Done. "I'm open at Number Five! Who's the lucky customer?!"


I arrived at Dominion at 815pm. That's a bit late, but I
phoned them from inside the subway. Too many people all
trying to use the system on Sunday. The store was fine.
Most nights I'm on time, and have to wait the time for
the cashier ahead of me to get counted and for me to
get clearance to work. So I got a running start.

More backwards:

The lateness happened at Chester Stn, where I was
entering from Taste of Danforth. It's a good show.

Well, let's see. Show is the wrong word. Festival?
Still wrong word.

A friend from dance calls it "The Meat on a Stick
Festival". That's closer.

Danforth Ave between Broadview, Chester, Pape and
Donlands Stations is considered "The Greek Village".
A very high concentration of Greek, and yes, other
restaurants too, are all there. It used to be a good
place to live if you were from Europe, but now it's
just a good place to take a date.

"This one? (no), This one? (no), This one? mmmmaybe..."

I really liked the music on the international stage.
I bought a CD on friday from there. A Toronto band
of Georgian Singers. If you've not heard this before,
they have fast haunting harmonies. Write me, and I'll
share a small song (or exerpt) of theirs with you.


I slept in happily until noon.


Yesterday !! Yesterday I hosted my first Band Practice,
with me playing Mr Conductor. I succeeded.  But I was 
as stressed out, perhaps moreso, than usual for my local
dances. But I've gotten comforting email saying it was
worth it. My organization and printed music didn't go
to nought. 

But stress? Yes.

The night before I was cleaning up. Without parties at
home, we don't clean up enough. Cindy came over at noon,
and didn't think I did anything, so she made the kitchen
much much better. 

After the last guest went home, I ghosted around for an
hour, until I realized I needed to crash. Tom and Cindy
were visiting. No matter. I lay down "for just five minutes"
which lasted about 3 hours.

When I got up, everyone was still here, waiting for me.

But I wanted to go to a Waltz Dance. I don't normally
attend that, but decided to, as it was on a Saturday
instead of Friday, and some of the musicians mentioned
they were thinking of going too. That's often enough:
if there are a few people you know going, then a strange
dance can be welcoming.

It was. It took place at Dovercourt House. It's a lovely
dance hall, with two levels. Nice wooden floor, and a 
reasonable ambiance.

Interested in going to that? Visit http://www.odd-socks.org

I need to find some synonyms for "backwards", next time
I try to recall my day's events in reverse order.

Tomorrow is Monday. I wonder what I'm doing?

That's all I know.