F 1 D 0 - 2004 08 15 at 0202

Thai Red Curry.

That's what I really wanted, perhaps for weeks now.

I've been eating plenty of other things, but
tonight, well, I decided I'd better make a
reasonable facsimile.

A friend, Dave A, gave me a bottle of Patak's
Red Curry Paste. Go, run! Buy this. It's instant

I also live with someone who really dislikes the
apartment filled with curry scents. (and other
smells too, but this one counts). Doing it this
way gets the job done in no time, without filling
the home with Eastern smell.

Here is what I prepared for myself tonight.

Thai Red Curry Sauce.

2 c Hot Water
2 ts (rounded) Patak's Red Curry Paste
1 hs (heaping) National mixed Indian Pickle
1 ts (small) salt or less to taste
12 grape tomatoes (or one large tomato will do)
5 oz (half can) coconut milk

Heat the water in a sauce pan, add all of the
other ingedients. Plunge blend to mix it all up
coarsely. Bring it to near boiling. It gets thick.

I served 3 ladles of this onto a bowl of lentils,
carrots and rice, and was pleased with the taste 
and the quality. Because I didn't overdo the spices nor 
the vegetables it didn't have a lot of the fragrant
tastes I would expect from restaurant curry. But it
had the perfect texture, and the right heat.

Note: when you buy a bottle of Patak's, it will advise
you to use 8 ts for the same sized pot. Taste it with
just two at first, and see whether this is the taste you
like. No need to over spice on your first try.

That's all I know.