F 1 D 0 - 2004 10 16 at 0045

Blueberry Muffin.

My day's activities are listed after this
attempted recipe.

Well, that's not really what I got tonight.
It wasn't blueberry, and it wasn't muffin.

But that's the recipe as listed in her book,
and it came out well, so I'll try to provide
the description and recipe as best I can
for you.

Firstly, it was apple. It had lots of them.
She used Paula Red apples, six small ones.

Also, it wasn't a muffin, but was baked in
a new silicone baking thing. A round one, perhaps
3 inches high.

The consistency was so wonderful. Like a souffle
or something. We might call it a pudding if we
lived in another culture. It was very soft and
wonderful, and begged me to have three wedges 
of it.

Forgive the strange units of measure. I don't
weigh flour, but these are weighed measurements

6.25oz flour
2.25oz sugar
1   very rounded dessert spoon baking powder
2   eggs
2oz butter melted
6oz milk
1ts vanilla
1ts lemon rind
6oz fresh blueberries (take my word for it, use six apples instead)

Preheat oven to 350F.
Mix all dry ingredients.
Mix all wet ingredients.
Quickly combine wet and dry pour into
baking thing (recipe calls for muffin tins,
but we used round cake pan).
Quickly put into oven for 20-25 mins.

 - -

I was invited to swim and exercise with Tom and Tim. Cool,
I rested in bed until the last possible moment, and then
got ready to head out the door around 630pm.

I got a call from Tom cancelling. Tim wasn't up to
it, so I could go dancing.

Wrong: for me to make it to this place out in the
East End, I'd have to leave at 600pm to make it
to the 730pm dance, so now I was in a quandary.

Go there, and be late, or do something else.

Cindy wanted some cheap tofu, so I decided to
run those errands. 

There are at least two Korean parts of the city.
I live in the northern one, but the market across
the road from me was closed down when the Future
Shop next door was also closed up. Oh well.

So I went to the one which is near Bathurst and Bloor.
The store I went to was directly next to Above All
electronics, a store which always has nice cheap
computers and friendly computer guys. They even 
remembered last time I dropped in, it was just
to say hello because I was shopping for tofu there.

See? They're great guys. If you need something
cheap, check them out. Above All Electronics.

In fact, they shouldn't have still been open, but
they're polite about asking customers to go. 

At first I couldn't find the stuff I wanted at
the Korean Supermarket. They don't speak *ANY*
English there. But we made each other understood,
and after I left the store, they chased me, and
figured out what I wanted, and showed me the 
spot where almost all of it was sold out.

Still, I only needed a few packages of firm tofu.
I got 3/3.00 (instead of 3/1.99 of my favourite
firm kind).


The walk from there to my Dominion is brief, and
they didn't have pay cheques ready yesterday, so
I went there next.

When I got in, I saw a zoo. I've seen this before.
Lines of 20 people at each register. Melissa begs
me to come and work. I told her I would have even
come in, as Friday is my normal night, but nobody
calls me. Karen just made gutteral noises when asked
whether she called me. So if I was to work, I'd need
a shirt, as I was dressed in mufti, too informal 
even for this store. So I talked with the manager,
Frank, and he was great. "Sure!" and he throws a
"large" at me. I don't remember my shirts ever
being this white. 

So it continued super busy during my entire stay
at the store. At 1100pm, I told the customers they
needed to find another line, as I was going home.
They were sad, but not mad at me. It still took
me until 1115pm to get out of there, and have my
funds counted.

So I arrived here at Tom and Cindy's for midnight.
That's not late for them, or for me for that matter.

I still (even now, writing this journal) have about
a half an hour before I should rush to catch the
last subway home from here.

Tom is happiest when he can play his video games. He
was entertaining himself with a StarWars one where
you can choose exactly which role you want to play.
The computer seems to give you a realistic death, but
ressurects you quickly after you've acknowledged dying.

And Cindy was running the Hot Pot Service. Shrimp, 
sliced Korean style beef, 3 kinds of mushrooms, and
lots of other things get boiled in soup just long enough.
How long is just long enough, you ask? You decide! You
do it yourself. So my shrimp and meat were just lightly
cooked. The vegetables and noodles got longer.

Life is good.