F 1 D 0 - 2004 10 25 at 0515

More Practice Required.

It really is my own fault, I think. I tell myself
that I exercise daily, but half hour to an hour
just before work is hardly daily. And I tell myself
that I play the guitar, but I realize it has been 
weeks since the last serious practice.

When I was in Thunder Bay, while I didn't play very
well, I played well enough to plant myself in a corner
of a local coffee house, and practice, and I'd fit in.

I'm not so sure now.

And listen to this: I found that playing hurt my hand 
tonight. And it hurt my chording arm too. I had Muscle 
pains. I couldn't stay with it for more than a few 
minutes today. Think "fatigue". Like it was too heavy
or something.

I'll start practicing again. I promise.

I bought myself a present for 20.00 plus tax: a Korg tuner!

I should have invested in one of these an eternity ago.

I'd always figured my weak musicality was because of
me. That may still be the case, but the tuner has done
a lot to make the instruments sound good, even just
on their own, with open strings. 

What a difference.

I'll get my playing stamina back up to over an hour
again, and re-learn the english melodies I used to 
know well.

I played Take a Dance tonight. Maybe I'll learn
the words to that dance now too.

That's all I know.