F 1 D 0 - 2004 12 05 at 0335

Dislocated Right Shoulder.

Yesterday at about 250am four guys beat me up
because they really wanted to wreak havoc in 
the Dominion christmas tree area, and I was in

They punched and kicked a lot. I've got a swollen
black eye. 

But the worst part so far is the non-diagnosed
dislocated right shoulder.

You see, they took x-rays, and they show almost
no bone breakage. That's very nice. I really
feel that way.

But something is keeping me from lifting my hands
to use a keyboard or a mouse. I'm doing it now because
I don't want the joint to freeze up forever so I lose
this important use for my right arm.

I've been able to just marginally lift the arm to 
keyboarding height or to the mouse. But it doesn't
always work, and I have to help lift the arm with
the other hand. Somehow this seems natural. When I
do this the fear that seems to be in the arm goes

Mom and Dad dropped in last night, around 700pm, with
stuffed peppers for me. What good timing!

Even though the doctor missed the disclocation, Mom
found it instantly. She rubbed the joint so I got used
to her touch, and then moved my arm in an arc. When my
arm got to the 9pm point of the clock, it made an audible
click sound, not unlike the one you hear when trying to
separate a chicken leg quarter into a thigh and a drum
stick. It made that sound Again when it got back where
it belonged too. 

I'm trying to exercise it. 

I don't want to have perpetual trouble getting in and
out of bed! So I'm going out of my way to find the safe
and not-so-safe positions I need to climb up.

I wish I could overcome the fear of hurting the joint.
It keeps me from exercising it more.

I don't wear the sling they gave me at the hospital,
but do hold the collar of my t-shirt with the right
fingers, and that seems to keep the arm bent in a
properly useless way. 

Jeff picked up some spring loaded ID holders at the
last conference he went to. They have just enough
umph to make it possible for me to move the arm in
circles myself. 

I need to find a way to get to a Chiropractor. Last
time I was dislocated, she used low power ultrasound
which encourages healing. It works by irritating the
fibres, but doesn't harm them. It's enough to make
them mad, and they grow back faster.

The concept works for me. I just want my arm back.

That's all I know.